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It Put Him to Sleep

Our read aloud books for the week. We are continuing to learn about the constitution via our Homeschool Legacy Once-a-week unit study.
We The People
This week we watched the United States Constitution video and look what happened to Lance.
I guess it was just a tad bit boring for him. Actually all the kids almost fell asleep.
Homeschool Legacy
Thankfully I didn’t buy the DVD but borrowed it from the library.
Real Life Press
We are half way done with the second Bible study lesson. I’m enjoying our Bible time with the kids. I love for us to sit around the table and discuss the verses. Even though it seems I do most of the discussing. I’m finding it hard to get them to elaborate with what a scripture passage  means to them or to flesh out an answer to a question.

I’ve been enjoying my butter coffee in one of my favorite mugs (at least this weeks favorite).
My kids have been staying up way too late. Here is what I find in the morning.
I love his feet!
Lupe is still taking the allergy bomb!
Young Living
Time for a coconut-lemon hair mask.
I saturated my hair with coconut oil with some lemon essential oils.
You can’t really tell in this picture but my curls were really curly after I washed out the coconut oil and let it dry some.

My hubby was thinking of me.
He said it reminded him of me. I’m far from an angel but love my surprise gift.
I stocked up on toothpaste.
Although this isn’t a Week in Review post we did complete week 13.


  1. I've never used the essential oils in my hair but I have been doing coconut oil in my hair since I was 20 (15 years ago). I think that is why my hair stays strong and healthy. I do it once a month usually but more in the winter months. It works!

  2. Wow, that's great. I just started about six months ago or so and love the way my hair looks after. It's amazing what coconut oil can do.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank you for your continued prayers and leaving a comment of encouragement during my health battle. I'm still struggling, but it does help to know that others are praying for us.

  4. lol, too funny about Lance falling asleep during the video. I'm afraid I would have fallen asleep too.

    I wake up to boys crashed on the couch too. And I have one boy who is notorious for sleeping in his clothes, too. If I don't tell him to put sleep clothes on, he won't.

    I'm curious to try coconut oil in my hair now... and more curious as to what the lemon does. :D

  5. Yup! My boys sleep in their clothes all the time. They have pjs too. We figure as long as they are clean clothes but we do try to encourage pajama wearing ;)

    The lemon oil is great for those who have dry, curly hair. It stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil. This helps hair to be stronger and shinier. I think it also helps with itchy and dry scalp.


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