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Lincoln’s Mothers

My latest read is a book that use to be my mom’s. My mom loved, loved, loved, to read. I would often find her nose in a book.
I had a hard time putting the book down it was so good. I loved how the book would tell you what would happen a 100 years later. For instance when Nancy Lincoln was looking back at their log cabin (they were moving again) the book would mention that little did she know the cabin would still be there (after being moved a few times) with a plaque in front of it reading: Abraham Lincoln was born here.

The book brought many emotions including happy ones and sad ones. Lincoln’s Mothers is a good read.

Even after reading the book I kept pondering the hardship both mothers endured and how letting go of places and watching their children grow up (sniff, sniff). As a mother my heart ached when theirs did and rejoiced with them as well.

Sally out lived her husband and most of her 5 kids. Oh I can only imagine how happy she was to go home and be with them all in heaven.

I have seen the book often through the years sitting on my shelf.  Eventually I packed with many of my books. Last weekend I pulled a few boxes of books from storage and Lincoln's Mothers happened to be in one!

I can't believe I didn't take the time to open and read it before.

What book are you all reading?

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