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Review Schooling

In the morning is when we get a lot of our Review Schooling done.
Review Schooling
We started with Firmly Planted: The Books of Moses. We finished the first lesson. Above in the picture we all worked together to complete a word search. Tomorrow we’ll start lesson 2.
Homeschool Legacy
Then we completed reading from Summer Countdown. And lastly we read the Declaration of Independence as part as our history study from Homeschool Legacy.
I read the second scene that lead up to Shays Rebellion.
Historic Scenes 1
Today we learned about how America was booming with business but just a year later America was in a recession.
Shays Rebellion
The boys and I are having fun using the interactive site. By the time we finished reading the Declaration of Independence and read Boom and Bust: Post-War America it was getting late and the kids had to finish the rest of their studies so we didn’t get to the read alouds that I had planned for this week.
Hopefully I’ll read If I Ran for President tomorrow.

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