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Review Schooling

It was storming this morning. Lots of thunder and lightning. The thunder was so boomy that our windows and doors shook. Majorly loud.

Ethan and I completed another Latin lesson together. I’m so thankful he likes it. He remembered the Latin vowel sounds and a few other things from previous Latin lessons.
Note about my picture: they came out a little on the dark side. I dislike when my camera does that. I apologize. I do try to have decent pictures. 

Some of the extras came today. I ordered the Review Worksheets and the Latin Word Games. I thought the extra practice would help.

I was enjoying my delicious butter coffee with XCT Oil and Kerrygold butter.

Here is Ethan completing his first Latin workbook page.

Here he is writing the Latin word and its meaning.
We are wrapping up week 2 and starting week 3 in Bible.
Studying Genesis
History has been fun with Homeschool Legacy. We started week 3.
My kiddos and I like We The People Our Constitute Rocks! Makes learning the constitution more fun and enjoyable.

The kids also completed A+ Math.

Lance is working on three digit addition. He completed his lesson three times. The first time he missed 4 out of 10. The second 3 and the last 2. So tomorrow he’ll watch the next video on addition with 5 digit number and do the corresponding online worksheet.

Here is Ethan’s progress.
A Plus Tutor Ethan
He understands multiplication but sometimes misses the bigger 3 digit with 3+ digits. It’s good practice for him.


  1. How do you like the review worksheets? I've been thinking of getting them along with our 1st book, we do have the word games and enjoy those.

  2. Bev, I think the review worksheets are great. I'm going to have Ethan do a little each day. The lessons are labeled with A, B, C, etc. so I plan to have him to a letter section each day.

    You can see a sample page at CBD http://www.christianbook.com/latina-christiana-1-review-worksheets/brenda-janke/9781615381494/pd/953077


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