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Shays Rebellion

Today I was excited to start our Once-A-Week unit study from Homeschool Legacy about the constitution. We covered Shays Rebellion.

I was pretty excited about our first week so this weekend I went hunting for anything about Shays Rebellion and I found a really neat site.

Throughout the week we’ll work through the scenes as shown below.
Historic Scenes 1
Today we read about the War’s End: Promise of the Revolution (1783).
Historic Scenes
Once you click on the scene there is a wealth of information. I read the overview, government, and army tabs as well as clicking on underlined words to find out more about dept., bounties, what the Continental Army was, etc. The boys and I really enjoyed using this site.

We also watched a clip from Liberty Kids~Episode 40: We the People.
I found lots of book at Half Price, my own collection, Amazon, and Christianbooks. Christianbooks was having a scratch and dent sale so I was able to snag a few books for $2.99-$5.99. Can you tell I’m just a little excited about this unit study?!?!
You don’t have to purchase any books to use the unit study but I thought after we complete Homeschool Legacy’s: We the People we’ll continue learning about American history.

To keep my finds organized I started a Pinterest board just in case you all might like to join me with using We the People: Getting to Know the Constitution.

I could have spent hours on this but we had other school subjects to do.

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