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Summer Countdown Review

Amy Puetz has a wonderful series she’s been working on called: Countdown Series. Here latest being Summer Countdown.
Countdown Series
I love the idea of a countdown to a holiday in American history. Many times I want to read or teach the kiddos about Flag Day or Independence Day. I’ve explained why we celebrate those days but I didn’t really do much more.

 This year will be different with Amy Puetz Countdown Series. In the Summer Countdown you will be able to read encouraging stories and help your children understand the meaning behind Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day.

Review Item: Summer Countdown book in E-book format. This book is also available in a physical copy. The ebook comes in color and the physical book is in black and white.

My review helpers: Caleb 14, Brent 13, Ethan 12, and Lance 10

What is Summer Countdown: Each holiday there are three days in which you will read a story and some days do a simple activity with the exception of Independence day. Independence day is a two week countdown. Now don’t let the words “two week” scare you. Amy knows we homeschooling moms (and dads) are pretty busy just trying to get our core stuff down.
Summer Countdown Review
How Summer Countdown works: Again, I love the concept of this because it’s so doable! Each holiday you simply read one of the stories on the appointed day. Really, Amy made it that simple. For example with Mother’s Day you will read a story titled “Mother’s Day” and below the title it says, “Second Sunday in May”, which means that is when you will read the story to your family.

The next story for Mother’s Day is to be read the Friday before Mother’s Day. Also included is a few game suggestions you can do with the kids.
The Saturday before Mother’s Day you will read another story and the kids will make a Mother’s Day card.

On the day of Mother’s Day you will read two short stories and there is a little (non-threatening) quiz titled Famous Mothers which can be done orally or you can give each child a their own to complete (if you purchased the download) and have them complete it. It’s a match the question type quiz.

Sprinkled throughout the pages are quotes about mothers.

With the Independence Day unit you will read daily  for a total of 14 days. Included in these reading are a few short stories. Within the the story pages there may be a short article about one of the signers.
Signers of the Declaration
What I like about Summer Countdown is the activities don’t require a lot of time and are very doable for this mama of 6! Some activities or games are:
  • Make a Fruity Flag (flag made from fruits!)
  • Find the Cards: you simply print and cut some cards with the first sentence of The Declaration of Independence, hide them, have the kids find the cards, and arrange them in order.
  • Oral Quizzes
  • Make a Cocked Hat
  • Make a Star Sandwich
and more. As you can see they are not huge projects that seem daunting and overly complicated. The activities are not a daily thing but every few days.

How we used Summer Countdown: Since we were reviewing this we did this three times a week along with our regular school. During the review period we completed Mother’s Day,  Flag Day, and Father’s Day. Each morning before the children started with their daily school studies we would sit on the porch, thankfully the weather has been really nice, and I read the  passage. 

For the Mother’s Day activity which was to make a card for mom, because Summer Countdown is flexible, instead of making cards (think 4 boys) I am having the boys buy cards for Grandma and Great Grandma. The boys will sign them, add a picture and send them off.

Final thoughts: I really like the idea of a countdown to the holidays. Amy Puetz has created a wonderful way for families to have a deeper understanding of the American holidays. I think she picked some really touching stories to go along with each holiday as well. There were a few that had me holding back the tears!

The kiddos enjoyed the stories and the activities. Surprisingly their favorite was the quizzes because they like to compete with each other.

I look forward to using some of the other books in this series.

Now through May 2nd you can grab Summer Countdown for 26% off.

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