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Week 11 (2015)

This week has been really great! The weather has been super nice. Not hot but not cold either. Everyday I’ve had one of the boys take one of the fold-up tables outside and that is where we’ve been getting some of our homeschool work done.

I have been starting our homeschool days with our new Bible study: Firmly Planted-The Books of Moses 2.
It’s been great having the four younger kids together for Bible time. Usually they are all studying the Word on their own.
After our Bible time I’ll read from Summer Countdown since I have the four kiddos attention. We are learning about Mother’s Day.
I have been super diligent to get our Bible study and Mom’s Day study done everyday (except Friday with Summer Countdown) and I feel accomplished in this area.

Then the boys split up and do their study.

Ethan’s also completes his Bible study using ACE PACEs. I like that he reads and looks up scripter, then answers questions about what he has read. Sometimes I help him.
Ethan school
Here is how I have organized Ethan’s studies.
He has all his ACE PACEs in a binder. I 3-hole punched them. Every week that he completes all his pages that I’ve assigned he gets to add a star to his Progress Sheet.

Literature and Writing-Ethan read chapter 4 of Camp Friendship and answered questions like: What change took place in Mr. Friendson after their arrival at camp? or How did Camp Friendship influence Ace’s father?

Word Building-he practiced words like fright, season, afraid, weight, unload and wrote sentences.

English-reviewed nouns and how to change nouns from singular to plural when the word ends in s, x, sh, or ch.

Social Studies-he reviewed everything he’s been studying in his workbook. Next week he’ll take a test.

Science-learning about Atomic States that Atoms have Electrons, Protons, and Neutrons. He’s also learning about elements and all living things contain carbon. He also watched a few science videos from Visual Learning.

Math-works a half hour using A+ Tutor and 30 minutes on GPA Math.
Here is Ethan studying super hard, haha.
Working on creating an army or maybe the LEGO guys are helping him.
Here’s a good one of Ethan studying God’s Word.
Lance (and Ethan) are doing much better with getting schoolwork done but I still have to remind them throughout the day. We are working on that.
Lance School
I set up Lance’s binder the same way as Ethan’s.

Math-Lance is doing a little of this and that. He completed5 pages of Mathematical Reasoning, did 4 days of CTC Math, and 3 days of A+ Tutor.
English-he’s practicing putting words in alphabetical order. This may sound like he should be beyond this but it’s something that needs to be reviewed. I’ve covered this in the past (once) but he does need to practice it.

Word Building-practicing words with short vowels.

Literature and Writing-he copied a poem and wrote sentences what God sees in his life.
Social Studies-Lance is learning about farms and the tools and machines they use.
Bible- he’s studying Mathew 1:24-2:8
Science-he read about how God made the sun, moon, and stars on the 4th day.
ACE has been good for Lance because he’s reading and getting more school done, he’s been asking a lot of questions about God and the earth. It’s been neat to see his little brain-gears going.

Lupe has been reading the kids a book on stocks and today Lance said, “Dad took my life saving and bought stock with it.” He made me laugh. Lupe had his permission of course. Lance saved $100.
Lance School
One of my only pictures of Josh and his eyes are closed!
We were discussing questions from his health program.
Brent studying hard. Can’t believe he’s in Junior High!
7th Grade
I’d love to write more about out week but I’ve been at this post for over an hour! It takes time finding pictures, editing, making collages, and gathering their schoolwork so I can see and be reminded of all that they are learning.

I love blogging about our days and miss how I use to blog daily.

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  1. Your son and my son would get along beautifully. He has an army of Lego mini-figures too!

    How are you liking Spelling You See? I'm curious about it.

    I see the Rev to Rev pages :) We are so looking forward to that guide next year!

  2. It would be nice if the boys could get together with their LEGOS. They'd have so much fun!

    Spelling You See is great! I love that it gets done and the kiddos are doing copwork and dictation. I admit I haven't seen huge leaps and bounds with their spelling but they are improving.

    Yes, that's Rev to Rev. I love HOD. My three older son's are using HOD as well. I really do need to blog more about my HOD users.


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