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Annette is the only one who has continued to use Rod and Staff English.

(there's suppose to be a picture here of Annette completing a R&S lesson but since I can't copy and past from LiveWriter (long story) I don't know where it is so here's another picture of her).

Yay, I found the picture that was suppose to go here.
I love Rod and Staff and wished it would have worked for my younger boys.
My Ethan. He’s such a sweet boy.
Lance was upset because I accidentally gave his brother his coffee by accident. Ethan barely touched the straw but Lance wouldn’t drink it.

The coffee that was mistakenly given to Ethan.
It’s the little things like having Zevia  delivered to our door that makes my kiddos happy. Each were able to pick out four flavors.
The kids like to get their school done on my bed. Usually it’s Annette but this day I found Caleb.

His work.
He likes to listen to his tunes when doing school. I wonder though how much he retains this way.
Ethan completing his ACE Bible PACE.
He reads the assigned Bible passage then answers the questions. I like how he has to go back and skim his Bible to find the answer. Sometimes he copies a verse. I’ll have to blog more about it.

Photo shoot with our latest review item, Cursive Logic.
Baked a low-carb cake. It was so yummy. I’ll have to make it again and share the recipe and take more pictures.

Mom and Josh at Starbucks. I love being a mom.


  1. I bought Daughter E Rod & Staff English to use with HOD this coming school year. I hope it won't be too textbooky but your post offers encouragement.

    Oh.....and I have a Starbucks near my "home-away-home". I am thinking, if funding allows, to take the girls there often during the summer heat. I'm always reminded of you when I see one.

  2. I hope it works out. I love R&S. Some of my boys liked it but it only worked if I taught it. Maybe I should pick it up again though.

    Coffee time is always fun :)


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