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Latin Anyone?

I have been wanting to teach my children Latin for years now. Really, like since Josh started homeschooling but . . .
I would start and not finish. I would buy a Latin program, sell, and repurchase, ack! Crazy homeschooling mama!

Currently I am teaching Latin to one student, Ethan. I really hope we continue with it. It really isn’t taking that long to do the lessons.
I want to start Latin with Lance too and every week I tell myself, “Next week I’ll get started with Lance”. So far it hasn’t happened. Life has been so busy with non-school stuff.

We are loving IEW. Lance is using Fix It! Grammar.
Fix It! Grammar
And both of my youngest boys are using IEW Level A. I’m so excited about this one. After years of thinking this program is too much, I think I’m ready to just go with it. I want to get my two middle boys back to using it since I have Level B (thanks to the Crew).

Next week Brent and I start a 1:1 Bible study. I’m pretty excited to do something with just the two of us.
A few weeks I’m excited that Lance will start Cursive Logic. I’m really praying that this will improve his writing.
I want Lance not only use cursive in his workbook but be able to use it when writing in other subjects.

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