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Mama’s Day

We had lots of thunder and rain in the morning. My favorite kind of weather. We were late getting up because it was so dark with all the dark clouds outside. Thankfully we made it to church and enjoyed a great Sunday School and Sunday service.

After church Lupe took my SIL and her kiddos and of course our family out for some good BBQ eating. He takes us there every year because we can usually find a seat (yes, one that fits 10 kids and 3 adults!). We find a big picnic table that seats us all.

The kids gave me some neat gifts!
Annette found this coffee sign. I love it! Can’t wait to hang that up in my (some day) coffee bar.
Joshua bought this cute cow butter dish. There’s a story behind it. The kiddos are always leaving butter on the counter because they like it soft for their toast. I’m always saying, “Don’t waist the butter!” or “Kids, put the butter in a dish or something.”

So Josh thought this would be the perfect gift for me, haha! He’s too cute. So now, no more butter will be left on the countertop. I think some of his siblings are going to donate a dollar or two to help him pay for it.
Lance came home from Wal-Mart one week and asked me, “Do you still like that famous singer that you told us about a long time ago?”

I said, “You mean Elvis?”

He was asking to make sure I’d like his gift. Oh, what a sweet boy and how thoughtful. There’s a story behind this one too.

My dad took Annette, Caleb, Brent, and Lance out shopping. Lance found the Johnny Lightning Elvis car. My dad and Caleb wanted to buy it from Lance but Lance would not give it up. Annette said that Lance would not give up the toy even under  pressure to sell it.
Annette made a pretty card for me.
Starbucks Coffee Maker
My SIL gave me this ice coffee maker. Now I know you don’t need a fancy maker to make ice coffee but it’s so much more fun.
Starbucks Coffee Maker
I am having an ice coffee as I speak.

She gave me a card.
Mother's Day
She also gave me this picture. Josh was working that day. We were at the park celebrating Mother’s Day with our church family.
Mother's Day Picnic
After lunch we dropped Josh off at work and we went for a Sunday drive in the country. I love when we take those drives. They are always so fun. 

Because of the rain we were able to see some turtles hanging out and a mama duck with her 4 ducklings waddling around.

On the way home we stopped at Starbucks for some Happy Hour Frapps.
Mama's Day
When we got home Lupe took a nap, the younger boys played with their LEGOS, Josh read, and Annette and I watched a Murder She Wrote episode.

I also worked on a few Word Searches.

My SIL was out with her kiddos and on the way home brought over some pizza which was very kind of her. Some of the kids had pizza but some knew we were gonna go out to eat so they waited.

Lupe took the rest of us: Annette, Josh, and Lance, for some In-N-Out burgers.

I had mine protein style with cheese, grilled onions, and wrapped in lettuce. I also ordered a coffee.
In-N-Out Coffee
I personalized my cup! The coffee was actually pretty good. Josh even commented on how good it smelled.
I took some undercover pictures of Josh!
He was drawing in my word search book and was last to leave In-N-Out.
And that was my wonderful Mama’s Day!

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