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Schoolhouse Review: A+ Interactive Math

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Math is an important subject and one that gets done daily at our house. I often wonder though if my kids are where they should be in math. I don’t want them falling behind.

A+ Interactive Math now has an Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan so now I can have my kids take an assessment and it will show what math concepts my children need to work on. And! It will create a lesson plan for my kiddo too! Neat don’t you think?!?! Yes, I’m a little excited about this one.

Product Review: 3 month subscription plan of A+ Interactive Math

Review helpers: Joshua 11th, Annette 9th, Caleb 8th, Brent 7th, Ethan 6th, and Lance 4th
What is A+ Interactive Math: In short it’s a multi grade level testing program. Your child takes a mini test of 20 questions. If your child passes, great! Move onto the next ‘test’. If not the program will identify any learning gaps and A+ Math will construct an individualized lesson plans for your child. I love it!

How A+ Interactive Math works: Once you have your student(s) account set up you and your child will want watch the tutorial before starting the program. It’s super helpful. I watched it with each of my kiddos.

A note about setting up each child’s account. You’ll want to choose the grade level that they completed. Not the current grade level. For example our homeschool year started in January so Ethan just started 6th grade. When selecting his grade level I chose 5th grade since that was the last grade he completed.

Once you or your child logs in you will see a launch pad, click, and the dashboard will pop up. A+ Math makes navigating the program simple with 4 icons. The reports and lesson plans will be ‘empty’. Your children will start with Take Adaptive Test.
A  Math Review
As you can see from the bottom screenshot, the student clicks on the concept you would like him/her tested.

The assessment test is timed. The child has around 40 minutes to complete the whole test. Each problem the child is given 2-5 minutes depending on the problem. Once the test is complete and if your child missed any problems you can go back and see which were missed. Under each answer there is a note to let you know what grade level that problem is from.

If the child passes the test he doesn’t need to do anything further with that concept. Simply move to the next one.

If you child needs to practice the concept the program will customize what lessons need to be reviewed.

When Ethan didn’t ‘pass’ he would then go to View My Lesson Plan, click on the multimedia icon, and get started with his personalized lessons.
Multimedia Lesson Tutorial
All the concepts that he needs to go over are on the left side of the screen. Ethan would click on the lesson to watch it. At the end of the lesson there are Interactive Q&A. This gave Ethan a chance to practice before completing the online worksheets.

If Ethan answered a question correct a smiley face would pop up and he’d hear, “great job” or “excellent”, if he missed he’d here “incorrect” and an explanation on how to get to the correct answer would be explained.

Once Ethan was done watching the lesson he would then complete an online worksheet.
Online Worksheets
Once Ethan completed his online worksheet he could go back and review it to see which problems he missed. I liked that he was able to see what he missed and had the option to view a detailed solution.
Worksheet Explanation
It would have been nice if this was more interactive. Maybe a line showing up one at a time as it is being explained because it does look a bit overwhelming at first. Sometimes I would sit and go through the explanation with him to break it down some.

When your child has gone through all the videos and worksheets then he’s ready to retake the test. Hopefully he’ll pass with flying colors. If so continue on to the next one.

Seeing their progress was and is always fun. We all get a kick out of the walking guy.
A Plus Tutor Ethan
How we used A+ Interactive Math: I used this with all my kiddos and so, used it different ways.

With Annette my 9th grader she didn’t use the online worksheets. If she didn’t pass the test she would view the lesson and complete the Interactive Question and Answers. She usually did well enough that she didn’t feel the need to do the worksheets and her passing score of when retaking the test confirmed that as well.

With Ethan and Lance, after watching the lesson they skipped the Interactive Question and Answers and went straight to the online worksheets. I didn’t want the lessons to be too long for them. Also with some lessons, I knew they understood the concept but had just not worked the problem out correctly on the test. When that happened they were allowed to skip the multimedia lesson and go straight to the worksheet. If the only missed one or two problems they were allowed to move onto the next lesson. If they missed more then that they had to watch the lesson and redo the online worksheet.

The three middle boys used A+ Math at least 4 days a week if not 5. A+ Math became their core math and will remain so during the 3 month subscription.

The three older kids combined their main math with A+. They used A+ Math around 3 times a week. I would have loved for them to use it 4 or 5 days but they didn’t want to get behind with their regular math programs.

Our thoughts: As a mom who wants to make sure her kids are up to speed in math, I loved it! This is a great way to see where the children have learning gaps. Unfortunately mine seem to have a lot. I did notice though that on the test, sometimes with the younger ones, they didn’t understand the question.

This was with the two younger kiddos, so I started sitting with them and that’s when I realized that with some of the word problem confused them. Not the multi digit, like 3,425+4,987= but when they were asked something like this:
A Plus Tutor Test
Since my kids seem to have a lot of gaps with some of the longer digit problems, I think I’m going to start having them do some time test daily and hopefully that will help.

Final thoughts: This is a great resource. I was able to see where my kids have learning gaps and now I an focus on them after our 3 month subscription ends.

Most of my kids will not complete all the mini test before the 3 month subscription ends. I’d love for A+ Interactive Math to have a 1/2 price continuation option.

Over all A+ Interactive Math: Adaptive Placement Test and Lesson Plans is a program that I can see myself using in the future to ensure that my children are progressing and grasping math.

I would highly recommend A+ Math!
A+ Interactive Math Review
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