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Schoolhouse Review: Real Life Press

Heidi St. John has a new Bible study (Firmly Planted, Books of Moses, Part 2) for the whole family out and we were fortunate to be one of the reviewers!
Firmly Planted Review
Review item: Firmly Planted Family Study Guide (The Books of Moses 2) physical set. Family Study Guide and Student Workbook.

Company name: Real Life Press

Review helpers: Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance

About The Books of Moses 2 study: This is a 10 week study:
  • Week 1~Joseph Sold Into Slavery
  • Week 2~Joseph Saves His Family
  • Week 3~Moses and the Burning Bush
  • Week 4~The Plagues
  • Week 5~Crossing the Red Sea
  • Week 6~The Ten Commandments
  • Week 7~The Tabernacle
  • Week 8~The Golden Calf
  • Week 9~Choosing the Levites
  • Week 10~Exploring the Promised Land
The study guide includes:
  • The Seed-this is the key concept
  • Planting the Seed-memorizing scripture. You have two levels here, for older and younger children. This one is for ages 4-11. A more challenging verse for ages 12 and up.
  • Watering the Seedling- a 5-6 minute story lesson. We loved this section because it gave the kids a better understanding of the verses.
  • Daily Study- a devotion that offers questions to ask your children and engage them in the study.
  • Digging Deeper- this is if you are using this with older children and is designed to be used with the Daily Study to flesh out the discussion.
  • Taste the Fruit- offers your students the opportunity to apply the God’s word to real life situations.
Each week includes an introduction which includes the Bible passage, The Seed, Planting the Seed, Additional Planting the Seed, and Watering the Seedling.

You can read the passage straight from the Guide but it doesn’t include all the verses. It’s a shortened version of the Bible story.

There are 4 days of Daily Study. Here is where the verses are broken down into smaller chunks. For instance the first week your reading from Genesis 42-47 (remember if this is too much you can read the shortened summary-like version straight from the Study Guide). Day 1 you’re focusing on Genesis 45:4-18. Day 2: Genesis 39:19-20 & 41:14-15, etc.

In addition to the 4 days of Daily Study you will read Digging Deeper and Taste the Fruit sections as well.

The Student Workbook is a full color, multi level, spiral bound book. It’s really impressive! It is designed so that you can dig deeper with an older child using the Upper Class pages but yet has all the fun stuff for a younger child too.
Activity Pages
Each week in the Student Workbook you will work through:
  • Vocabulary Words: write the definition to important words
  • Nature Study: related to the weeks verses. For instance week 5 talks about how Moses reminds God of the promise God made to him, “I will make your decedents as numerous as the stars in the sky . . . “, so it’s suggested you look at the stars and dig deeper with learning about them.
  • What Do You Remember: answering questions orally.
  • Growing in Christ-Journal Entry: write how the children are growing spiritually for older students.
  • Copywork page for younger student, has primary lines.
  • Write About It: for the younger student, has primary lines.
In addition for each week there is a maze, coloring page, a place to draw what they are learning, crossword puzzle for a younger and older student, word search and an advanced word search, and more.

At the end of each weeks lessons there are 3 pages of Upper Class lessons for older students.

What I really liked were the Map It! They were created by Knowledge Quest Maps!
How we used Firmly Planted: I used this with my 4 younger kiddos ages 14, 13, 12, and 10 year old sons. Because the Student Workbook has plenty of activities we had no problem with sharing it. I assigned some pages to each child and we rotated them.

Monday: I read the introduction Bible chapter(s). Depending on how much time we had I would read from the Bible or the Study Guide.

We completed the vocabulary words on Monday as well. For the sake of time and because my kids are allergic to pencils, I looked the words up using my phone, read it aloud, and wrote the definitions in the Student Workbook. We would also do the Nature Study page that same day.

Tuesday-Friday we completed each days reading and a few activity pages.

There are a lot of activity pages and because of this each lesson took us two weeks. Of course you can skip some of the workbook pages (we did, like the coloring pages) but there was a lot of good stuff that I didn’t want the kids to miss.

Especially with the Upper Class pages. With these pages I would assign each child a verse. They would read the verse and we’d answer the questions orally with me writing in the answers.
Firmly Planted Moses 2
The pages for an older child to journal, we used that together as well. The kids would dictate how they were growing in Christ and I would write it next their name. I think the workbook will be a nice keepsake when done. I’m thinking of adding some photos of the kids to the pages that we didn’t use.

The program is pretty flexible. You can do the Study Guide portion together than hand your kiddos the Student Workbook to complete on their own or do as we did and do most of the activity pages together.

Our thoughts: I loved that you don’t have to purchase a workbook for each child. Firmly Planted made it easy for the whole family to share by adding upper and younger level pages.

I liked the digging deeper questions. My kids can sometimes be pretty quite when it comes to how they feel so this helped me help them with opening up a bit.

Firmly Planted Bible Study uses the English Standard Version Bible (ESV) which is what the kids and I use already so that was a plus (smile). 

It’s a great study for the whole family and each study can be purchased as a physical product or download.
Real Life Press Review
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  1. Hi! I was wondering if the student book was reproducible? I have 5 kIds ages 3-12.

  2. Megan, no it's not. This is why we shared the student book. Each book has pages for the younger child and an older. If you do decide to purchase the physical student books I'd only purchase a few and take the book apart. You can give the coloring pages to the youngest and so forth.

    A better option would be to buy the download so you can print the pages out.


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