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Week 15 (2015)

Week 15
April 27-May 1st, 2015

I’ve been having the 4 younger kiddos start their morning off with a timed drill. A homeschooling friend posted about these books and it reminded me that I own some of them. I thought, hey, I should dig these out and have the kids use them.
We are starting with the basic multiplication.
I took the picture before correcting. I started them all with the assessment test and went from there. The two older boys (Caleb and Brent) only missed a few but I still had them do this with the ones they missed which both missed two in the 8’s column.

Lance I’m starting with the 3’s and Ethan the 7’s.

Once they finish with multiplication I’m going to back up and do subtraction.

Ethan and I have completed two weeks (2 lessons) of Latin. Yay!
I purchased some extras for him and he’s working about a half a lesson behind in his Review Worksheets and with the Ludere Latine Word Games book as well. I do make sure with the actual lesson that he completes that whole lesson. I also purchased the Book of Roots Advanced and didn’t realize there was one for younger students too called Roots of English. I think I’ll put away the Book of Roots and order Roots of English and have him work through that one instead.

Here he is working on his vocabulary and grammar drills.
And of course a close-up.
We listened to the Table Blessing and Christus Vincit.
After Latin we moved on to Excellence in Writing. The boys completed two Key Word Outlines (KWO).
Lance kept having melt downs this week and didn’t complete writing out his paragraph. I think with him I’m going to have him practice KWO and testing them for now.
No whiteboard, no worries, just tape a piece of legal paper to the wall and use that.
Ethan working on his paragraph. I think this is really going to work for him.
We also completed some Bible time.
I’ll admit, I had them use color. It just makes it more fun I think!
And a little geography from the Bible lesson.
And we continue to learn about the constitution. We watched Key Constitutional Concepts.
And the kiddos completed math assignments using CTC Math.

Here is what Lance has completed.
He is moving onto multiplication now. He understands and can do multiplication. He just needs more practice.

Actually Ethan has been using A+ Math and GPA Math.

And that wraps-up another week here at Homeschooling6!

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  1. I'm behind on visiting blogs but wanted to say, "Happy Mother's Day!" May your day be filled with joy as you celebrate with your gifted blessings.


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