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If you follow me on Facebook you may have noticed quite a few call to prayer posts of families who have lost their child or children to the state. Children taken from loving homes with parents that want their children.
Fight for Bella

The state is keeping these children and will adopt them out (This family lost all 5 kids to the state). Adopting them out when they have parents fighting for them. Parents that want them back. Parents who have done nothing wrong. Innocent parents.

This really hits home with me because it’s happening to one of my own family members.

Right now Bella is set up to be adopted out. This shouldn’t be happening. Baby Bella has loving and caring parents. They want their daughter back.

Why was Bella taken? Not because she was being abused or neglected. She was taken because of a formula dispute! You can read the whole story at the Medical Kidnapping website.
Fight for Bella 3

This is not an isolated incident. It’s happening all over America. The Verzosa family have been missing their children for 11 months now. All 7 children were taken from loving and caring parents.

So we at Homeschooling6 are making an awareness; the need to help Fight For Bella.

People need to know what is happening to families. Christina and Jonathon want Bella home. Bella now has a baby sister. They should all be together.

Please keep Bella in your prayers. She needs to be home with her parents and baby sister. They need to be together. And visit the Medical Kidnapping site for information with how you too can Fight for Bella and help bring her home. Also visit A Miracle for Us.


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