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Homeschooling Week 20

Some pictures or Week 20.

I found these two completing their school work together.
Caleb is working on Cover Story a writing program and Lance, I think, is working on an English assignment from ACE.
Working through the summer. Caleb is in 8th grade. His 9th grade year won’t officially start until January.
Cover Story
Lance is in 4th grade and won’t officially be in 5th until January. At church they are already in 9th and 5th though. It just makes things easier with the whole grade level activities.
Ethan schooling in the kitchen with his Aloe Vera plant. He’s kept it alive for a year now, wahoo Ethan.
Latina Christiana
Ethan is still using Latina Christiana. He’s working through the review lesson.


  1. We are getting ready to start our new year again. I've finally got all the book decisions made and purchased.


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