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Schoolhouse Crew Schooling

Today our history studies included us traveling to Ancient Egypt and listening to With Lee in Virginia. We are having so much fun with both of these.

I wish we were farther along in our Egypt study. History of the Ages Project Passport Study: Ancient Egypt has what you call Stops. The lessons are called stops because you’re going on a ‘tour’. We are only on Stop 3. We do this about 3-4 times a week too! I feel behind. Some of the other Crew members completed 3 Stops in a few days! Wow!
Homeschool in the Woods
In this Stop we are learning about Everyday Life (Part 1): what did they wear?, what did they eat?, Where did they live?

We just started Stop 3 today. The kids did some coloring while I read the 3 pages about everyday life.

We then did a fast forward to the time With Lee in Virginia. Joshua, Brent, and Lance already listened to the whole audio already but we are still going to listen to one track a day together (Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance). I want to include the study guide.
With Lee in Virginia
Brent started a really neat new math program called Unlock Math: Pre-Algebra.
Unlock Math
We have only been using it for two about weeks and already love it! Brent thinks it’s just awesome! Alesia Blackwood the instructor in the tutorials makes math fun with her energy and fun nature.  

Unlock Math does a great job with helping the child understand math and enjoy it too! I haven't seen anything like Unlock Math in the homeschooling community.

I would have done a lot better in high school math if I had a teacher like Alesia. Right now through July 15th she is having a 25% off sale.

Both Caleb and Brent continue to use WordBuildOnline. Since I have not started Latin with them (yet) this is the next best thing!

CTC Math is another review item we use daily here at Homeschooling6!
CTC Math Caleb
Caleb’s CTC Math above.

Ethan’s below.
CTC Math Ethan
And Lance.
CTC Math Lance
I feel like it is taking forever for the kids to move to the next grade levels with CTC Math. I think it’s because the kids don’t move on until they totally mastered what they are learning. They want to get 100% before moving on. It’s a good thing but I would like them to move faster :/

Brent and Lance are still using Orphs of the Woodlands. They took a month off but have since started it up again. Brent can’t wait for the next online book to be available.

I’m happy to report that Lance and Ethan are still using Memoria Press’s Latin programs. Slowly but at least they are continuing on. Ethan is completing lesson 6 and Lance lesson 3.

We stopped IEW but hope to get back to it next week. I really love IEW! And Fix It! Grammar.
Although not a Crew item, Caleb is using U.S. History Detective.

I wanted to share a photo of our Egypt Study from Stop 2! I’ll write about Stop 2 hopefully this week.
Homeschool in the Woods


  1. There are sooo many good homeschooling choices in comparison to when I began years (actually over a decade) ago. Yikes...and I have another decade+ to go.

  2. You got that right, I'm amazed and overwhelmed at times ;) I have a hard time chooshing. TOS has been a blessing in that area now we get a little bit of everything. :o]