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Schoolhouse Review: CTC Math

CTC Math Online
We love CTC Math here at Homeschooling6 and were very happy to review their 12 Month Family Plan!

Levels we used:  4th, 5th, 6th, Basic and Pre-Algebra

Review helpers: Caleb 14, Brent 13, Ethan 12, and Lance 10 years old

About CTC Math: CTC Math is an online math program for grades K-Trigonometry! Your children will watch a tutorial, complete online worksheets, and receive immediate grading.

CTC Math takes the pressure of teaching math off of mom!

How CTC Math Works: When you sign up for CTC Math for Homeschoolers whether the yearly or monthly plan you have math for all your children. Now how is that for large family friendly?!?! For those of you who only need math for one student CTC Math has single user membership as well.

Each child (if using with more than one student) has access to all grade level.
CTC Math a Homeschooling6 Review
CTC Math is so easy to navigate. All your child has to do is click on the grade level, then click on what he is currently working on. In the above screenshot it’s Number, Patterns and Algebra. Once your child clicks on that all the topics will pop up.

Click on the topic and all the lessons under that topic along with a diagnostic and comprehensive test will appear.
CTC Math 6th
The lessons are between 3-5 minutes long.
CTC Math Lesson
After the tutorial your child is ready to do some math problems. For grades 6 and under all the questions are online. Your child types in the answer and it’s immediately graded.
CTC Math Review
When your child completes the lesson and has answered all 10 questions he can immediately review his results.
CTC Math Worksheet
At this point I have my kids print the worksheet and file it in their binder. Once you exit out of this page you won’t be able to view it in such detail anymore. This is why I have them print it. If you prefer not to print it, you can still see percentages and such. It just won’t show each problem and which ones they missed or got correct.

For Pre-Algebra and up your child will print off the worksheet, complete it, then input the answers online for immediate grading.

A motivator for my children was earning ribbons (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). Once their score averaged 100% they were rewarded with a platinum ribbon. Below Lance earned a gold and decided that was good enough Smile.
CTC Math Gold Ribbon
If your child needs some speed drill practice CTC Math covers that too!
CTC Math Speed Drill Game
Teacher Account:
Once a week I receive a very detailed email from CTC Math that shows when my children logged in to their account and what they did. I always download this and save it to my computer.

You can also check and see what your child has completed by logging into the parent account.

How we used CTC Math:
For each new topic I have the kids take either the standard or the comprehensive test. The standard has half the problems than the comprehensive test.

Depending on how they did on the diagnostic test determined how many lessons they would do. For example if you look at the screenshot below you can see that Brent received 50% on a few topics like Completing Number Sentences II.
CTC Math Diagnostic Test Standard
With that information I’d have him skip the areas where he received 100% and only do the lesson(s) that he didn’t fully master. I would then have him take standard test again once he completed the lessons.

Sometimes I used the longer comprehensive test to gauge where my kids needed to start.

Having access to all levels is a huge plus for us because some of my kids used two grade levels. For instance Ethan was using the 6th grade level when he realized he needed more long division practice. He went back to the 5th grade level to complete the division section.
CTC Math Grade 5
Almost all my children used more than one grade level. With Caleb he needed more practice with fractions so he went back a level and completed all the lessons on fractions. Went back to his level, took the diagnostic test, and went from there.

Lance is solidifying his multiplication skills. He’s in 4th grade but is working through the 3rd grade level.
CTC Math Review Grade 3
My kids stayed on a topic until they mastered it. That means that sometimes they did the same lesson over and over until they got an average of 90%. Sometimes they were working toward a gold or platinum ribbon which meant they had to score above 90 for the gold and 100 for the platinum.

When the kiddos trying for the gold or platinum and doing the same lesson over they didn’t watch the tutorial each time. They would skip the tutorial and go straight to the worksheets (unless they needed to watch it again to understand the concept).

Our thoughts: We are in our second year with using CTC Math and love it! I really feel that the kiddos are mastering math with CTC Math. I love that something as simple as the ribbons motivate them to continue with a lesson until they reach a certain score.

  • One family (homeschool) membership for all students
  • Each child has access to all grade levels
  • Immediate grading
  • Easy to navigate
  • Keeps track of progress
  • Detailed reports
  • Fun speed drills
  • When a problem is missed it would be nice if CTC Math would show how to get it correct with steps so the child can see what he did wrong.
Final thoughts: CTC Math is a great program. It’s easy to use and navigate, the kids like it, and I feel confident with using it as their main math program.

CTCmath Review
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