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Schoolhouse Review: Memoria Press

Ethan and I have been enjoying Latina Christiana I from Memoria Press for the past 5 weeks! It something that we are doing together and really enjoying.

Memoria Press
What I received: Latina Christiana 1 Complete set which includes the Teacher Manual, Student Workbook, Pronunciation CD, Instructional DVDs, and Flashcards
Christiana Latina
Company name: Memoria Press

Review helper: 12 year old Ethan (6th grade)

About Latina Christiana I: If you don’t know much about Latin (like me). That’s okay because Memoria Press kept people like us (with no Latin background) in mind when they created Latina Christiana I.

When you purchase the complete program you get 5 DVDs which covers 25 lessons, has 17 hours of video instruction by Leigh Lowe. It’s like having a Latin instructor at home!

The program includes 25 weekly lessons with 5 review lessons. After every 5th lesson your child will review what he/she has been learning.
Memoria Press
In the back of the Teacher Manual there are reproducible quizzes for each of the 25 lessons. 5 reproducible test to be given after every 5th lesson.

Each lesson on the DVD (which we watched on Mondays) goes over everything that will be needed to complete the student workbook pages. Leigh Lowe goes over the Latin saying for the week, goes over the grammar lesson, a thorough vocabulary lesson where she gives derivatives and their meaning, recitation of the Table Blessing, the song that the children are learning, and more.

I love how Miss Lowe has the students interact for instance she will have her students (Ethan and I) say all the vocabulary words and meaning with her.

During the grammar lesson she is having Ethan put the letter ‘n’ next to all the Latin nouns and a ‘v’ next to the verbs. One lesson she had Ethan mark all the Latin nouns with an ‘a’ or ‘c’ to identify if the noun is abstract or concrete. So when watching those video lessons make sure your child comes prepared with a pencil and their student workbook.

The Teacher Manual includes the lesson plans. The two page spread has reduced copies of the student pages with the answers, test & quizzes, prayers & songs, Latin sayings, charts of verb forms, noun & pronoun, and a reproducible vocabulary and grammar drill pages.
Teacher Manual
I really liked the drill pages because it kept Ethan and I accountable with writing those vocabulary words out 3 times a week. This is a great exercise because it has you hearing the Latin word, see the word, say it, and writing it.

A 10 page history guide is also included. This is optional but if you already own Famous Men of Rome it’s a great way to understand the history and culture.
Famous Men of Rome
The Student Workbook:
Each lesson in the student workbook consist of two pages. The left side has the Latin Saying, Vocabulary words and meaning, and Grammar Forms. The right side has exercises to be completed. The exercise page is broken up into 4 parts: A. Translation, B. Grammar, C. Circle the personal ending of verbs and translate, D. Derivatives.

With the A-D exercises it made it easy for me to have Ethan complete a section a day.

In the back of the workbook there are pages that include history questions, prayers, songs, Latin Sayings, etc.

I would have liked a little more workbook pages per lesson. I did purchase the supplemental review worksheets.

The CD:
The Pronunciation CD includes all the vocabulary words, prayers, and songs. This works great with the Vocabulary sheets. You can listen to the Latin word, pause the CD, write the word and it’s meaning, and continue with the rest of the Latin words in the same manner.
Ethan and I also listened to the prayers and songs with the workbook in hand. We wanted to hear the songs and prayers as we looked at the words in the workbook. We’d pause the CD so we could pronounce the words. The CD was very useful and used almost daily.

The Flashcards:
I used the Scripture Memory System to organize and memorize the Latin Vocabulary Words. We renamed it our Latin Memory System.
Latin Flashcards
Flashcards used daily using the Scripture memory System!

Every day Ethan and I went over the Daily, Even or Odd Day, Days of the Week, and the Date of the Month sections. Since we are on week 5 we don’t have much in our Latin Memory System yet but we’re getting there (wink).

How we used Latina Christiana I: Our goal was to use this 5 days a week, Monday-Friday. Some weeks we did accomplish our 5 days of Latin but other weeks we did 4.
Either Monday or Tuesday we watched the DVD lesson. Sometimes we watched part of the lesson, stopping it at the grammar section then the next day we’d finish watching the remainder of the lesson. As you progress through the lessons they can get pretty long so splitting and watching the lesson over two days helped keep Ethan’s attention.

The remaining days we would go over the flashcards using the Latin Memory System. I hope to get another set of flashcards so we can play more games like match the Latin name with the meaning and such.
Student Workbook Pages

After going over the flashcards Ethan and I completed the Vocabulary and Grammar Drill worksheets that are reproducible in the Teacher Manual.

We’d then pop the CD in and sing the assigned song and say the Table Blessing along, pausing when needed.

I purchased the supplemental review worksheets and the Latin Word Games book as well. During the week Ethan would do a page of one or the other of these books as well. With these books we are not on the same lessons which works out great because when we were on Lesson 4 of Latina Christiana, Ethan was completing the extra supplemental books (that I purchased) a few lessons behind so those lessons have been great for reviewing.

A few times we had a super busy week and still completed our Latin lessons. I tried to sit and do Latin along with Ethan most days but sometimes it didn’t happen. By utilizing the flashcards, drill sheets, and CD, Ethan was able to review and practice without me. He could actually do this all on his own but I’m enjoying our time together.
Grammar & Vocabulary Worksheets
Our thoughts: Totally love Latina Christiana! Memoria Press makes it possible. They give you all the tools needed, flashcards, Cds, DVDs, and supplemental workbooks to go along with the Teacher Manual and Student Workbook.

The lessons took about 20-40 minutes depending on what we did each day. The program is easy to implement. Having the DVDs and CD gave this mama the confidence that I can do this! My number one concern is wondering, “Am I teaching Ethan how to pronounce the words correctly?”, by having the CD I knew that we were saying them right. We’d replay a word over and over when we had to.

When we had a busy, hectic day we were still able to squeeze our Latin lesson in. I’d have Ethan at least use the drill sheets for vocabulary and grammar and go over the flashcards.
Ethan using the Supplemental Review Worksheets
Ethan using the Supplemental Review Book
(purchased separately)

With guidance and mom checking in with making sure the lessons are being done daily, this program can be done independently by the child. Right now I prefer to do most of the lessons with Ethan.

If you’re looking for a Latin program I’d highly suggest taking a look at Latina Christiana.
Memoria Press Review
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