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TOS Review: Apologia

Apologia Educational Ministries has a new product out: Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal. This is something that I would have loved at the start of our homeschooling years!
Apologia Review
About Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal: Like with anything else Apologia produces this journal is top-notch! The book pages are thick and sturdy.The plastic spiral hasn’t moved up or down. The cover is sturdy and it’s just all around made well.

The journal includes field trip ideas and preparing for a field trip. If you are not able to take an actual field trip you're encouraged to document virtual ones. You can go to Apologia’s book extras section and type in the password given in the journal for additional material like state maps and virtual field trip ideas.

The first section of the journal is Places I’ve Explored. There is a total of 6 pages. The pages look like notebook paper. You can document the date and destination of trips you made in your state, the United States, and the world. In this section your not adding pictures. It’s just to note dates and places.

Next are the Field Trip Pages. These are a lot of fun because you can add photos and journal. Each entry is a two page spread. There’s space for you to record the date and time, where you went, emergency contact plan, I want to see or do, a place to draw a map, either add or draw a photo, a cute little library card (not a real one) to add books I’ve read for this trip, and to journal you have: Story of my day and Something  I never want to forget.
Apologia Review
As you can see I’m a picture taker and document that way as well. Since I included more pictures than journaling, I covered some things up like the emergency contact plan.
Apologia Review
I guess I converted my Specific Field Trip pages into a scrapbook but that’s the beauty of making it yours. If you love to record more details then you can do that too by not adding so many photos.

The Field Trip Pages are my favorite section of the journal.

There are also pages that are for your special spot. This is where you can record a special spot all year long. For each season you have two pages which include a space for a photo, notes, location, date, temperature, rainfall, and space to draw the spot.

We didn’t get to this but I have plans to record our yard. We have a big tree that changes with the season. It’s our special tree. The kids love to climb and swing on it.

The last section of the journal is called, Thoughts and Drawings As I See It. Here you can add pictures of God’s creations whether animals, trees, or flowers, you can draw them if you like , or just write dates. For instance in the As I See It God’s Signature on Creation I made a quick journal entry of how it rained almost daily in May.

Some of these pages have prompts to help get your As I See it imagination going. These pages, I think, would be great to really take a peek with how our children see the world around them. Especially if they are more on the creative side.

How we used the Field Trip Journal: Although the journal is intended for one child to record their field trips, special spots, and how he or she sees the world we decided to make it a family journal.

I was the one who added the pictures and did the journaling. I’m more of a scrapbooker so that is how I documented our field trips.

I didn’t take the book with us on our field trip. I completed the pages once we were back home. I ordered the pictures and had fun snipping away and writing about what we were doing in the picture.

The kids really like the journal. They’ve all complemented how much they liked seeing our field trip documented.

Final thoughts: I plan to continue using the Field Trip Journal. It really is a fun way to document our trips.

I like how there is a section for us to write the dates and destination. This is where I’d have loved to have had this years ago. I know with just seeing the dates and destinations would bring back a flood of memories.

If you have a child that likes to doodle and draw, this would be great because there are sections throughout where he can do that. The journal would be a great way for a child to document not only field trips but God’s world as they see it.

I think this is really a neat and fun book!
Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review. We love how your children completed their pages! Awesome photos.
    Michelle from Apologia


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