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TOS Review: Dynamic Literacy: WordBuildOnline

Dynamic Literacy has a fun way for your child to practice morphemes using Latin and Greek roots combined with prefixes and suffixes called WordBuildOnline.

Review helpers: 14 year old Caleb and 13 year old Brent

What Homeschooling6 reviewed: I received WordBuildOnline Elements Level 1

What is WordBuild? WordBuild is a great way to teach vocabulary and reading comprehension through the study of morphology. Morphology is studying parts or units of  words: prefixes, suffixes, and roots. What’s makes WordBuild a unique way to teach vocabulary is Caleb and Brent don’t have to memorize a list of words but the morphemes which means they are learning the smallest unit of word that has meaning.

How WordBuild works: WordBuild is meant to be used only 15 minutes a day. Yup, my boys liked that! Of course your kids can work through the course at a faster pace.

At the beginning of WordBuild Elements Level 1 Caleb and Brent worked through a review of prefixes and suffixes then it was onto the fun part, Latin and Greek roots!

Every week the boys learned a new Latin or Greek root. The program took them through five 15 minute activities. They completed one activity per day.

The first day or Monday might take a little bit longer because the student will view a video on the Latin or Greek root for the unit. 

First they will learn about the root through a short video. Another shot of one of the videos.
More video samples.

After viewing the video your child is ready to begin the activities. The first one being the Affix Adder. Your child will add either a suffix or prefix to a root word.

WordBuild Affix

Once the word is put together your child will write the meaning and pick the sentence that makes the most sense of the word. 

Day 2 or Tuesday the boys also completed the Root Square activity. In this activity the boys were able to build words and type their meaning.
 WordBuild Root Square
There are a group of roots in the middle square and the squares around that one are prefixes and suffixes. The child clicks on the suffix/prefix and root to form a word. For instance the prefix ‘com’ and the root, ‘pose’ to make the word compose. Then the child will type what he means: to put together

Wednesday (day 3) was Magic Square day! In this activity the boys read the word in the squares and had to find the correct definition. Once they read through all the definitions and picked the correct one they put the number in the square. All the numbers have to add up to the magic number 15 otherwise the need to try again.
Dynamic Literacy Magic Squares
Thursday (day 4): the Stair Step activity. The boys had to find the prefix and suffixes that would make a word match the definition below.
Dynamic Literacy Stairsteps
Friday (day 5) the boys completed a 10 question comprehension booster assessment called In Other Words. The boys read a passage and had to click the correct answer.
FYI about all the activities:
  • When the boys got the activity right stars fluttered with a happy sound.
  • When they missed a question no happy sound-stars.
  • The boys were allowed to redo the activities when they received a low score after completing a unit.
  • Each activity is 15 minutes. If they finish sooner, great! If not they don’t finish and move to the next activity.
  • Anytime the boys weren’t sure what a suffix/prefix was they could hit the suffix or prefix help button and a screen (with either the suffix or prefix) would pop up.
Once they complete all 5 activities the scoreboard will have all the paw prints colored in.
When Caleb and/or Brent completed a lesson I would receive an email. The parent account is where you can see in more detail what your child completed and his or her score. You can view your child’s lesson and even reset them.

Below is the Progress Report for Caleb.
Dynamic Literacy WordBuild
How we used WordBuild at Homeschooling6: My 7th and 8th grade boys used this five days a week as intended (remember your kiddos can move through the lessons faster if you like). I wanted to keep it more on the fun side of school.

Both boys had some difficulty as you can see in the screenshot above that Caleb’s average is 60% (Brent’s is about the same too). This is a good thing though because now I know that we need to work more in this area of Latin and Greet roots.

I know that some of it had to do with the boys misspelling a word. They are now working on their spelling and being more careful so it won’t affect their score. Another reason for this mama to love WordBuilOnline. Who wouldn’t love their children being more aware with how they are spelling words.

My son Caleb told me that WordBuild is helping him understand bigger words when he comes across them in is reading (so a low % score doesn’t mean they are not learning). That was music to my ears!

When the boys are reading for pleasure or school I have told them to keep a sticky note pad with them (haven’t seen it happen yet), when they come across a word that they don’t know the meaning write it down so we can go over it together.

Unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often (sigh) but now with the boys learning the Latin & Greek roots along with the prefixes and suffixes they can easily take the word apart using their WordBuild skills and figure it out! With that I’d like to say, “Thank you WordBuild!” (happy mama smiling)

Final thoughts: I don’t have complaints about this program. I am a happy mama knowing that Caleb and Brent are finally learning Latin & Greek roots. I love how they are understanding bigger words and in a fun way.

I think when the kids enjoy what they are learning and how they are learning it, it sticks long term.

Each student will need their own account. Your child will have access to WordBuild for however long it takes to complete all the units. 

If you’re interested in WordBuild or any Dynamic Literacy products you’ll be glad to know that right now when you use discount code training6 you will receive 10% off WordBuild or 25% off the Dynamic Literacy books!!!
Dynamic Literacy Review
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  1. Love this! I used the print version several years ago with my oldest. Looking at something for DD3. Do you know how long they have access to the program after you pay for it? My one hesitation with the online version is that I cannot use it with DD4 then. Money is so tight right now I have to be sure to buy non-consumables if I can.

  2. Hi, Jennifer, each student will need their own account. Your child has access to WordBuild until they complete all units.