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Week 19 Happenings

Annette’s library picks for this week.
Library Books
Joshua hard at work. Completing a science assignment.
His notes.

LEGO desk. Lance put a “Don’t Touch” sign. He gets upset when someone touches his space and messes up a LEGO creation. I don’t blame him with limited space and all.

Brent’s space.

For school Ethan and Lance completed a Key Word Outline using Excellence in Writing (IEW).
Today’s passage was Lodgepole Pine. This is from the Writing Source Packet. It’s a download that came with the Value Package Level A.
The kids are enjoying IEW. Mr. Pudewa is funny. I’m so happy my boys are writing paragraphs! I’m stressing out a bit with Ethan because he’s in the 6th grade and we haven’t covered a whole lot of writing.

It’s not that we haven’t covered writing at all because we have but IEW seems to get them writing a paragraph quicker than some other programs. I love that this program uses a model, for instance today we read and discussed Lodgepole Pine, then they picked the key words, tested it by saying each line of words in a complete sentence, and then rewrote the passage.

The ACE PACEs are working out really good. What I do is assign a few pages a day. One section consist of reading and the other answering questions. My goal with these are to have the kids read more. So at times they do use two history and science programs.
This week Ethan is only completing his Social Study Paces. In a few weeks we’ll be reviewing Homeschool in the Woods’ History Through the Ages: Ancient Egypt so I’ll have him continue using the PACEs but maybe only twice a week.

He completes most of the PACEs on his own so while we are reviewing and working together on the Homeschool in the Woods review he can still fit his Social Study PACEs in on his own time. I like that with the PACEs he’s not waiting for me otherwise he won’t get it done (most likely).

In social studies Ethan is learning about England’s influence on Early America.
Here he is doing science.
Josh, Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance are all using CTC Math. Here is what Lance did today.
Lance completed a page of Cursive Logic also a review item.
Cursive Logic
And some Fix It! Grammar.
Fix It! Grammar
And that’s another day at Homeschooling6! At least with the younger crowd.

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