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Week 20 (2015)

It’s hard to believe we are on week 20. It’s kind of funny with so many homeschoolers wrapping up their year and here we are in the middle. I am wondering if I made a mistake with having our school year start in January.

I guess I should really consider us year-around-homeschoolers but I like to have a beginning and end date which is even funnier because around here it seems like we are never done with school.

I’m surprised my kiddos are not burned out. I’m very thankful they aren’t. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to blog about our school days because I’ve used almost every homeschool curricula out there and I seem to never have it together. You’d think after 12 years of homeschooling my children I’d have figured it out by now.

I visit other blogs and they seem so together and know exactly what they are doing. Then there’s Homeschooling6’s blog and her ever switching and moving around homeschooler.
It would be so nice if I’d just park myself and stay consistent with what I chose at the beginning of the year.

Like this year, I ‘thought’ Heart of Dakota would go so smoothly with all my kiddos. I started with 6 kids using 6 guides. In the end I have Joshua using parts of it. Annette is the only one who completed everything in the guide (well, except dictation), Caleb is slowly working through MtMM, Brent, enjoys HOD but has a hard time staying motivated. Ethan and Lance are not even using HOD but ACE PACEs.
So where am I going with this post, I’m not really sure. I meant to only post a few pictures of Ethan completing his English PACE and Lance having fun using the dry-erase page of his Cursive Logic book.

Maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself because I’m not the homeschooling mom I thought I was going to be.
Cursive Logic
Lance made a computer. The top part is the screen and the bottom is the keyboard.

I had big homeschooling dreams when I first started on this wonderful adventure. I look back and wish I could start all over. Especially with Josh. He really didn’t like switching curricula.

I started with Sonlight. Then I found online homeschooling forums. I discovered WinterPromise, My Father’s World (Caleb might actually use that one next year for 9th grade), Heart of Dakota, Notgrass, Bob Jones, and so many more.

Where am I at right now? Wondering if I should not have changed our school year. Thankfully Annette kept her regular school calendar. She has 10 weeks left of her 9th grade Heart of Dakota guide.

What to do with the other kiddos. Caleb would be starting 9th grade in September. I’m trying to figure out if I should have him do that or just move on with his current schoolwork. It gets a little sticky with his writing. This year he’s using Cover Story for writing so if he starts 9th grade in Sept. he won’t be done with Cover Story.

Then there’s the question: do I have him use the writing program that will come with his high school course of not?

If I don’t, then I’m fine with him just continuing with Cover Story and moving on to IEW in January and continue with that for the next four years BUT if I decide to have him use what comes with his high school course (whether it be MFW or HOD) then he needs this year’s writing under his belt.

My prayer is, Lord help me decide what to do, I’m sorry I seem to mess things up a lot on this homeschool journey. Thank you though for this time I get with my children by teaching them at home. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Amen!

And so with that I need to end this post and get schooling. I hope my blog entry doesn’t seem too depressing.  This is not a whine, complain, or I totally failed post. More of I’ve been there too and I’m picking up my homeschooling cross and will continue on our homeschooling path until the last one graduates.

Yes, it’s scary at times but my Jesus is walking this path with me. I need to keep my eyes on him.

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