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Look at These Goodies!!!

I was excited to receive some farm fresh eggs from several church families last week. We love eggs here. I scramble them, bake with them, make homemade mayo, and add the yolks to smoothies and coffee.
Farm Fresh Eggs
Aren’t they just lovely!!!

I made some homemade coconut milk. Yum, it tastes so good. I usually buy coconut in the can but don’t like the smell and am not too fond of the taste but I do use coconut milk a lot in my baked good and smoothies. I just didn’t drink it straight from the can.
Coconut Milk
And just because I think the coconut milk looks so pretty without words in front of it I’m adding the same picture. 
Homemade Coconut Milk
And can’t forget the butter. Yummy Kerrygold butter. I eat 2 tablespoons every single morning in my butter coffee. It taste so good.
Kerrygold Butter
I’d love to be able to use this in our baking and such but it’s reserved for butter coffee and supervised use when the kiddos are using it (wink). It’s too expensive for me to just let the kids go at it.

Do be aware that lots of butter (even some of the more expensive brands) have the words added flavor.


  1. I'm missing my farm fresh eggs. I keep forgetting to have my family bring me some.

  2. What a blessing to have some laying hens!


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