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Home School in the Woods Project Passport: Ancient Egypt (Stop 3)

In our travels the kids and I are learning about Everyday Life in the lives of the Ancient Egyptians which included: What Did They Wear?, What Did They Eat?, and Where Did They Live?
The boys made a Dress Like an Egyptian boys necklace.
Home School in the Woods Stop 3
They were suppose to cut it out and add some string or yard so they could wear it but my boys didn’t want to (sigh). Instead we 3-hole punched it and placed the colored necklace in their notebook.
Stop 3 clothing men
The boys learned about Egyptian clothing by putting together a ‘paper doll’. They only completed the man. We looked over the women’s clothing but didn’t color or assemble the ‘doll’.
Stop 3 Clothing 2
We also assembled a menu (not shown) and plan to make some of the Egyptian foods that are in Dining Out Guide. So I’ll share that with you all later.

We also learned about bricks and were suppose to make some but we skipped that craft. The boys have made them before.

Read about Stop 4 HERE.

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  1. Brings another swoosh of fond memories! I used Homeschool in the Woods with my oldest 2 girls during our learning with American history (I think it was scheduled with Winter Promise. I never did the Ancient History pack, but it looks like fun :)


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