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Homeschool in the Woods Fun

Stop 3
Stop 3 Salad
Ancient Egypt Watermelon Juice
Homeschool in the Woods Project Passport Ancient Egypt
The Egyptian Kitchen
Homeschool in the Woods
Stop 5 Homeschool in the Woods
Lance was having fun pretending he was a mummy.
We have lots of Mummy pictures that I will share soon. The boys and I have been enjoying our Ancient Egypt trip.

The last time we studied Ancient Egypt was when Joshua was in 1st or 2nd grade. How time goes by so fast.
Home School in the Woods Project Passport: Ancient Egypt has a make a mummy activity but I found these kits for a good price so we went ahead and used the them for Stop 5.

Here are some pictures from Stop 3 and Stop 4.

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  1. Oh that cucumber salad looks delicious! Homeschooling and yummy foods -- AH!!