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Illuminating Literature Arrived at Homeschooling6!

We won’t officially start Illuminating Literature: When Worlds Collide by Sharon Watson until next week because my Mother-in-law and Sis-in-law are here along with my adorable niece and 2 cute nephews. With that said, they left for three days to visit family in El Paso so Caleb and Brent will do a few lessons this week.
Illuminating Literature
I’m really excited to start this with them. A little nervous because they really haven’t done a literature program before. The boys don’t read as much as Josh and Annette either. Definitely not reading good literature. They do listen to lots of great books but reading is a whole different ball game, yikes!

Excited: because this will be so good for them.
Nervous: because they struggle with reading.

The boys have picked up their reading this past year though. Caleb reads lots of books on the history of the military. He also likes reading Star Wars books.
Brent enjoys some history books. He mostly reads military books especially Delta Force.
I’m just thankful they are past reading things like The Magic Tree House Winking smile!

The first book the boys and I will be reading together using Illuminating Literature is  Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain. I purchased an extra workbook and reader for Brent and an extra reader for me. I’m going to encourage the children to interact with the book and teach them how to really read literature.

We completed Lesson 1 and half of Lesson 2.  Basically we went over what is literature, the course philosophy, and why the name When Worlds Collide. Just in case you were wondering the books in this course were chosen because of their collisions: physical, political, extraterrestrial, racial, spiritual, and philosophical. Worlds of major proportions are crashing into each other and are creating plenty of trouble for characters.

There were questions for the boys to answer like: What do I want to learn from this course? And the boys checked all that applied. One that Caleb checked was, I want to learn how to get through a course without losing my mind, haha, funny! Another one he checked was, I want to learn how to be a more discerning and savvy reader.

Tomorrow we’ll finish Lesson 2 and Lesson 3. Lots of learning about the character against himself, against another character, against nature, against God/the gods/fate, technology/biotechnology, and two more ways of looking at conflict. Then they will answer some questions about the character against self, nature, God, etc. from a book they recently read or movie they watched. This will be pretty interesting!

Some pretty exciting stuff! I’ll keep you all updated.

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