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Schoolhouse Review: Heirloom Audio Productions

All of my children love audio books. They listen to them every, single, day, so when we were chosen to review With Lee in Virginia by Heirloom Audio Productions my kiddos were so excited! 
Lee in Virginia Review 
What we received:
  • 2-Cd “Active Listening” audio book, 2+ hours!
  • With Lee in Virginia E-Book Study Guide
  • Printable copy of the inspirational quote discovered in a letter from Robert E. Lee to his son: “Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more, you should never wish to do less.”
  • The Official With Lee In Virginia Soundtrack MP3 download.
  • Unlimited access to the Live The Adventure Letter E-Newsletter.
  • G.A. Henty's original With Lee In Virginia E-Book with all new colorful graphics. Heirloom Audio Productions had a graphic design team redesign and illustrate the original book.
  • Promotions poster that you can download and print
If you love history and enjoy G.A. Henty books than With Lee in Virginia audio drama is a must to add to your collection. Even if you’ve already read the book. Heirloom Audio Productions did an amazing job with bringing this book to life!

With an all star cast: Sean Astin, the ever famous Kirk Cameron, Chris Anthony, Kathy Lansdowne, and we all know Jim Weiss.
With Lee in Virginia
Lee in Virginia is set during the civil war and is the story of a boy entering into manhood. Vincent is the heir to a wealthy Virginian plantation. He becomes more and more aware of the evils of slavery which leads to his questioning it and wondering where he stands.

Vincent, out of a sense of duty signs up as a cavalryman in the confederate army and fighting along side Robert E Lee. Beginning his adventure and final leg of his journey to manhood, Vincent takes the reader on several harrowing adventures. Learns many valuable lessons and discovers what his convictions are and acts on them. He is wounded twice escapes from a prison of war camp and is almost hanged.

The  48 page study guide is gorgeous. I love the front cover it’s the same as what is on the disc. The pages look aged, and I absolutely love that there are authentic looking photos.
Each track has a corresponding Study Guide page. At the top of the page the disc and track number. There are three parts:
  • Listening Well: This is a series of questions to ask your child what he/she remembered. My kids new that I’d be asking questions which was great because knowing that I was going to ask questions it kept them more focused with listening. All the answers can be found by listening to the chapter again or even by reading the chapter in the E-book that is included in this package (the Family Four-Pack)
  • Thinking Further: These questions have your children think a bit hard and sometimes looking something up that was mentioned in the story. For instance in the first track (chapter) one of the questions is: Why would a railroad insist that “people of color” sit in a separate car at the rear of the train?” then the next question is: How is this contrary to the gospel of Christ and the law of God? See Mathew 7:12; 22:37-40, James 2:8-9; Luke 10:25-37; Acts 10:28
  • Defining Words: Here are a list of words you can have the children look up in a dictionary or discuss together. We went over them orally together. I would ask the children what the words meant and usually at least one of them was able to define the word.
The Study Guide also includes some information about G.A. Henty, General E. Lee, and General Thomas “Stonewell” Jackson, a map that can be printed in color to so you can find the locations of cities and major battles, and in the back there is a mini Bible study.
With Lee in Virgina
How we used With Lee in Virginia: All my kids listened to With Lee in Virginia several times before I started the Study Guide. There was no way I was going to restrain them from listening to only one track a day.

I printed the Study Guide pages in black and white (although if it wasn’t for the ink issue I’d have preferred to print the guide in color). I did print the map in color and placed it in a sheet protector.
My helpers with using the Study Guide along with the Cd: Caleb 14, Brent 13, Ethan 12, Lance 10
Before listening to the audio drama I would go over the vocabulary words (defining words) from the Study Guide. Sometimes I’d even go over some of the questions I was going to ask. I read a few years back that by having the children go over the questions before reading a book or in our case listening to it the children are more apt to pay better attention because they will be listening for the answers to the questions.

After going over the words and some questions we’d listen to the track, pause, answer the Listening Well questions, then discuss the Thinking Further ones. We used the map to see where the battles were fought, find the location of major cities, and to trace the route of Dan and Vincent.
Most days we listened to one track (chapter) because of the time it took to answer and discuss all the questions. Sometimes we’d listen to two chapters and only complete one study page. The Study Guide is very flexible. I did always make sure to go over the vocabulary words though.
With Lee in Virginia 1
Final thoughts: We all really enjoyed listening to With Lee in Virginia. If you are studying the Civil War era (and even if you’re not) and want to add some ‘life’ to your history time, than please look into purchasing this exciting audio drama. It will truly captivate your child(ren) as if they are there. And I’m sure this audio drama will be listened to over and over as it is here at Homeschooling6. At the time of me writing this review my kiddos have listened to it over a dozen times!!!
With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review
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