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Schoolhouse Review: Prasso Ministries

Brent and I have been growing closer in our mom/son relationship using Prasso Ministries. We received the Teen Prasso Teacher’s Manual and Teen Prasso Homework Manual for this review.
Prasso Ministries
“Prasso” is a Greek word that means to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice! Now isn’t that something we want our children to do with practicing how to live for Christ? Here at Homeschooling6 that’s a big YES!

I want my children to repeatedly, continually, and habitually practice the right things in life: reading God’s Word, honesty, kindness, work ethic, etc.
 Prasso Ministries Review
Teen Prasso is a 13 lesson Bible study. It  consist of 3 essential features:
  • A daily student journal. Here they will look up scripture, copy it, and answer questions that pertain to the scripture they read and copied. There are illustrations to keep it ‘fun’ and engaging. The questions really get the child to chew and meditate on scripture.
  • Weekly teaching lessons from the Teacher Manual which consist of a  story about two boys Brandon and Derek and their journey. The story helps students connect with the message that is taught. Here you will read a story, a message, and engage in conversations.
  • A weekly group discussion or one-on-one if using it with only one child (like I did). Great questions to really get your child to wrestle with the principles taught. These questions are found at the end of student journal. You don’t want to skip them as they really challenge the student with applying what they learned.
I love the 80/20 rule which is the student should be talking 80% and mom 20%. Often times I can talk too much with trying to squish all life’s lessons into my children’s brain which of course is impossible. My mama heart wants to quip them for everything that this great big world will throw their way which in the end means I’m doing most of the talking (not good). The 80/20 rule reminds me to let my child do the talking. And you know what? I learned a lot about my son just by being quiet.

The Teacher Manual is a soft cover, spiral bound, 124 page book. It has a weekly key verse, message, and a story. It guides you through the lesson from the beginning encouraging you to open with prayer, then onto the message, story, and end with a closing prayer.

The student journal has illustrations, ‘conversations’, verses to look up, copy, and mediate on. I love the idea of the child having this journal. Encourage them to make it their own, mark it up, and interact with it. The font is friendly and fun.

The student journal is pretty meaty. It really has the student thinking about his relationship with Jesus Christ and analyzing his life journey. What direction or path is he currently on and what path will he continue to go.

The child knows exactly what pages are for each day because they are labeled with Day 1, Day 2, etc.  Day 6 is their Rethink day. This page list the Days 1-5 with lines for each day. This is so your child can think about his week and what he learned. He can record verses, thoughts, and questions from the weeks study.

How we used Teen Prasso: Teen Prasso can be used as a group study but I chose to use it with only Brent. I wanted to spend some quality time with him. With 6 children, sometimes it can be a challenge.

Brent is a very quiet person and if I don’t take the time to converse with him, a whole day can go by without us interacting. I don’t want that happening. His life is too important for me to let him be quiet all day.

Every Monday morning Brent and I walked to our favorite coffee shop. Our house is pretty small and it’s hard to have privacy. I wanted Brent to feel that he could share whatever was on his heart without being heard by his siblings. Besides, going out for a cup of java made our Bible time that much more special.

I read all the parent stuff for that lesson: Key Verse, Message Part 1 & 2, Story Part 1 & 2. After each message or story part I’d stop reading and ask Brent questions and/or discuss what we read. Because I really wanted to dig deep into Brent’s heart our Bible time was always well over an hour. I made sure that Brent knew this was all about him.

While at the coffee shop we'd go over the first lesson in his student book as well.

The rest of the week he completed the student pages on his own and Friday we’d go over the Questions for group discussions.

What I loved is how Teen Prasso really stresses that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. This is what all our children have been learning in Sunday School so it was a great ‘connect-the-dots’ moment.

Teen Prasso had Brent take inventory and examine where he is right now and where he is headed. I loved how it made him think about the choices he makes today, tomorrow, or next month can and will shape what his life will look like later. This is something my husband and I have emphasized throughout the years since our children were very young.
The questions that Teen Prasso asked were great! Some where so simple but powerful like, “How about your life, how do you know you are on the right path?”, Simple question but powerful discussion starter.
Teen Prasso
What Homeschooling6 thought of Teen Prasso: I loved how Prasso used a storyline of two teenage boys for Brent to connect with. He looked forward to that every Monday.
The journal really had Brent thinking about God’s Word. I loved that he had to copy a verse and then answer a question about it. Great way to chew on what God says. Love that!

The questions really helped me to know my son better. I didn’t know he wanted to join the military right out of high school. I knew that he loved everything military but he had never-ever mentioned joining before and making it a career.

There are brief mention of s*x outside of marriage, abortion, and porn/lust. Brief meaning a few sentences. I had no problem with this as it brought up great discussion for us. Things I hadn’t thought to talk about with Brent.

Final thoughts:  It’s sad that I can get lost in the business of my day and not check in with my child. By us using Teen Prasso together we connected with each other which brought us closer together and for that I’m very thankful. Brent and I will continue to have our weekly Teen Prasso meetings.

Prasso Ministries Review
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