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Taking Pictures

Recently my daughter has been into taking pictures. Every time I turn she is snapping away!
Ack, super close up
Talk about in your face! Here she snapped a very close-up of me. Like I can see every single pore!
Leaving the house.

At the hardware store. Snap!

She was doing something with the shading, I think.

I’ve never had so many pictures taken of me before.

And of course she took some pictures of the back of my head, ack!

I’ve never had anyone interested in the back of my neck, lol!

Next victim, her dad!

I love his smile.

She captured one of my favorite Lupe looks.

And she caught her brothers too.

I’m not sure if Ethan knew she took this picture of him.

No one is safe. Brent and Caleb got caught!


Love the Brent pictures.


Awe, my Ethan, he’s so precious!

At the park.

Thankfully she decided the flag would be a good subject to practice on because my smile was hurting.
I really like the way the middle picture of the flowers came out.
I think it’s great that she found a new hobby though.


  1. A photography course sounds like an idea for homeschool :) My Daughter L is in really into photography and actually knows more about it all than I do...ha! I love it when they find a passion and can expand it with their own research and desire to learn more.

    She captured those she loves, movement in a flag, and color of the flowers -- all beautiful.

    I've missed our chats. I was looking at my calendar and it's already been a year since we got together. As I sip out of my coffee mug this morning, it brought a smile to my face and thoughts of my dear friend, YOU, across the miles.

  2. You're so good with words about Annette's camera captures!

    I miss our chats too! How funny, I was thinking just yesterday about how it was a year ago when we visited you all. Remember I didn't want to leave because I knew it would be a while when we'd see each other again :( You all made us feel like part of the family :)


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