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They Grow Up so Fast!!!!

It’s going to be a busy week starting today! By Wednesday we’ll have 18 more people here in our little house of one bathroom Smile 
The only schooling we will be doing is Unlock Math. It’s a review item so we’ll continue on with that. Thankfully it’s an awesome math program so Brent doesn’t mind too much Winking smile
Other than us being super busy to de-clutter our house we’ve been doing well, tired, but well.

Homeschooling has been a challenge this year. It’s been good but you know how those days of doubt can creep in Confused smile? I think a lot has to do with my oldest being a senior this year. It’s scary. He’s our first child, he’s our guinea pig child Winking smileso I wonder if we did okay. I know homeschooling him was what we were suppose to do. I know it’s in the Lord hands and he has great plans for Josh but my flesh keeps butting in and trying to take over. I need to leave it with Jesus and continue to pray for Josh.

Joshua had a birthday in May.

Here is Joshua at age 16. His last day as a 16 year old.
And my baby the next day, 17 years old!
Just think, when he was born 17 years ago I didn’t even own a digital camera or a recorder. My MIL use to record or video him when he was a baby for me with one of those big and bulky camcorders. I’m so thankful for that.

I’m so grateful to the Lord that he likes me! He still hangs out with his mama!
He has a part-time job working at Starbucks Coffee cup with an amazing crew! His boss I babysit for. His Auntie works there and the little guy that I use to watch daily, his mom is a shift leader there. So it helps to let him go (shh, knowing I have all those eyes there Winking smile)
He is not a big coffee drinker but does enjoy the blended mochas. I say they have too much sugar but he’s old enough to make that call now. Passing that baton is not easy. Especially when I know what that sugar is doing to his insides. All I can do is continue to educate him Smile.
Oh, wait, I’m being a bad example Open-mouthed smile!!! Hehe, mine is an iced coffee with cream and sweetened with stevia that I carry.

This coming school year Josh will use Ace PACEs. He loves Heart of Dakota but with his schedule Ace will be a better choice for him. He’s a pretty busy guy these days.
I’m pretty sure he’ll take speech as an elective and an auto mechanics course! The rest of his schooling will be the PACEs. I thought about using Notgrass but with his textbook kind of mind I believe the PACEs will work out better. (although I really like the looks of Notgrass)

Here is Joshua at a electronics store. He found a book that he was interested in but was way too expensive.


  1. Oh my! I can't believe Josh is 17 years old! My how time flies. Thanks so much for sharing a bit about him and the pictures too. I miss him a lot and can't believe he's all grown up now. Geesh, where does the time go!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH! May the Lord continue to bless and provide for you. And may He grant you wisdom in these coming years. Love you and hugs from your Auntie Reff. <3

  2. Happy 175h Birthday to your son!!! They do grow up too quickly!

  3. Yes, they do!!! Way too fast. Seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.


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