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Before We Start Our New Year . . .

I recently wrote my “Our 2015/2016 School Year” post but we are not ready to start the new school year just yet.
With Ethan and Lance there are a few things I’d like us to do before the school year starts. I also want us to ease into this year, start slow. The boys will not be in full swing until January.

I have all kinds of plans whirling in my head so let me see if I can get it all written down in a way that makes sense to y’all =)

Homeschool in the Woods: I want to finish our Egypt study and then do History Through the Ages: The
Old Testament and if we have time the New Testament.

SHOELACE BOOKS: I want to get Lance started with the Simply Language Arts program and possibly Spelling.

I am combining SHOELACE BOOKS LA-3 with Elementary Bible and Grammar. I like how Shoelace Books includes picture studies, copywork, dictation, and some fun activities like crossword puzzles, unscramble the words and so forth.

I haven’t received
Elementary Bible and Grammar yet but from the samples it looks like the student will complete 1 worksheet a week (but I could be wrong).
So right now, I want to get Lance using
Simply Language Arts 3

Brookdale House: With Ethan I want to use Write Through Early Modern History Level 2 Cursive before I have him pick-up IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating. Modern History covers copywork, dictation, color coding grammar, and narrations.

Progeny Press: Before starting our new school year I want to complete
Stone Fox literature study with Lance. I think this will be fun.

Reading Kingdom: I want both boys to use this a lot before we start our new school year.

SHOELACE BOOKS: It would be great if Ethan completed Simply Phonics 3 so that’s on my ‘to finish’ list before we start.

I guess what I would like before starting our 2016 school year is to include lots of copywork, dictation, narrations, and practice reading.

I do plan to start some of our new school curricula but slowly. I’m very excited about our new school books and all but at the same time I want to continue with our Review School theme and use what I already own (everything listed above will not cost me any $$$-except for the
Old Testament Activity Pack).

With using the above items sort gives me a relaxed school feel as well. I think we are going to have lots of fun (at least I will, ha-ha).


  1. I love your approach. When will your school year end, and will you do another review next summer?

  2. I am hoping to end the year around November. I might do a back-to-school thing in Sept. though but not actually start our new year until Jan. Sounds strange but I need some motivation so with starting up in Sept. ot will give me that push to plow through until Nov. take a winter break and be in full swing come the New Year.


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