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Blessing Day

The children and I were able to participate in the Back-to-School Backpack Day. Not sure what the real name was but that’s what we called it.

A few years back we participated but I felt a little guilty because we are homeschoolers and although there were no signs saying “For Public School Children Only” I know that this is for them.

My Sis-in-law encourages me to go every year but other than that first time I’ve always declined.
This year having the children get backpacks would be a huge help financially with paper, pencils, markers, crayons, rulers, notebooks, etc. so I decided that the children and I would go volunteer and earn our backpacks.
Backpack Day
We were originally going to go through the line then help where needed. That was the plan anyway. Here are the kids and I in line.
Backpack Day
Thankfully we didn’t have to do that. My Sis-in-law arrived and let us know that we could go ahead and start helping. We didn’t have to wait in the heat (even though it was only 7:30).
The kiddos where able to get their backpacks, go through the line of goodies, then get to their stations to help.

Each child participating had a colored band on. Each color represented a grade. The volunteers had a sheet of paper with the color and grades on it. If the child had a blue 2nd grade band and my paper had the same then I’d give them the item.
Backpack Day 4
Caleb, Brent, and Josh where crayons and eraser passer-outers <---my made-up words.
My job was to pass out pencil bags and Ethan manila paper. Not much manila paper though so Ethan helped me. He displayed the pencil bags to nicely for his ‘customers’. I wish I would have thought to take a picture.

Not only are the school children getting backpacks but hair cuts and school uniforms (we didn’t get uniforms).

My Mother-in-law took two of the boys to get a haircut. They chose the Army style cut.
Backpack Day haircut
Lance was so proud of his new hair style.
He wanted me to take a side view picture so he could see how it looked. He was a little shocked with how short it was but I reassured him that it looked good.
Backpack Blessing Day
He didn’t like the gel stuff in his hair. He couldn’t wait to wash it all out. Yup, trained well as he said, “You know, it has all that chemical stuff in it.” Hehe, too cute!
Backpack Blessing Day
The older boys should have taken advantage of the haircuts too. It would have saved us another $30 but they were busy helping. Plus they said they liked their hair a bit longer, those boys! I should have insisted but it was a bit of a stressful morning and I too was busy volunteering.

Caleb’s backpack is not in this picture. By the time Caleb arrived I was too tired to redo a backpack only picture.
Backpack Blessing Day
Here is a picture of the boys with their backpacks.
 Backpack Blessing
Annette didn’t attend Backpack Day. She spent the day with her dad.
Toward the end we were able to pick out some extras for volunteering. There were a lot of composition books left so we took enough to last us the whole year. Thank you Jesus.
After 2 and a half hours we were tired and ready to go.
Backpack Blessing
Backpack Blessing
Our backpack blessings-goodies.
Ethan's Backpack
We were tired when we got home. The other kiddos fell asleep so I was only able to get a picture of Ethan with his backpack goodies.
Lance Backpack
Brents Blessings
Calebs Bag
Joshuas Goodies
At the end the organization offered bagels and juice. As they were cleaning up (and my kids eating) Ethan did something that was very brave (he’s shy). He asked one of the ladies if he could take a backpack for his sister. My soft spoken boy said she wasn’t able to attend.
Here’s the one he picked for her.
This was a premade backpack. It was put together with the extra stuff. Once all the kids went through the line and things were slowing down backpacks were filled to be given away later.
My kids tuckered out.
Backpack Blessing Day
Josh after looking at all his stuff.
Backpack Day Brent


  1. That sounds like a fun way to "earn" school supplies!!

  2. Hi, Megan, yes, it was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed helping out.

  3. It does look like a backpack full of blessings. I'm sure it was a wonderful way of training hearts as you helped out.


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