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Fun Finds

Where we live there is what we call the .25 Store because everything cost only a quarter! I didn’t take a picture of all my kitchen stuff that I bought like tongs, measuring cups, and such because I was so tired by the time I got home (It’s hot here in TX). I also purchased two kid blankets, a photo album, and a binder all for less than $10.00.

I found lots of books, a whole box full! One of them being 1776 by David McCullough. Then I found John Adams for a $1.00 at Half Price Books.
I found a tea/coffee pot at a second hand store. It came with the pot and 6 cups (no saucers) for $6.50!
Garland by Sango
The coffee pot lid belongs to the sugar bowl (which didn’t come with the set). The lid was taped on so I didn’t realize it was the incorrect lid when I purchased it.
Garland 8837
I am now on the look-out for the original lid.
Garland by Sango Coffee Pot Lid
At Half Price I found another little treasure that hasn’t been on the top of my homeschool list but I’ve wanted it. A set of The American Girl Collections Study Guides.
The American Girls Collection Set of Six Teacher's Guides
All 6 for $9.99! The set is brand new and was sealed. The back had the price of $49.99.
The American Girls Collection Set of Six Teacher's Guides
I don’t have a student to teach about The American Girls Collection but thought it would be fun to read them. Each book has a full color map of the girl’s town.

And that was my Fun Finds this weekend!

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