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Fun with Grandma

Here at Homeschooling6 we are doing summer school. I really didn’t intend to ‘stop’ school for more than a week and a half. When Grandma was coming out I thought it was for a two weeks not four which is fine of course we all love having her.

Right now the kids are only Crew Schooling. Meaning active reviews are getting done. Currently I’m only reviewing a literature program from Sharon Watson, and just yesterday my Super Teacher Worksheets account was set up yesterday, and my Douglas MacArthur book and unit study won’t ship until the 18th (Grandma will be gone by then Sad smile).

The children have been having fun with Grandma E. They have the same interest. Hobby Lobby, Half Price Books, the Twenty-Five Cent Store, and just hanging out at Target.
Taco Bell
Annette was the one taking the picture so here is one with her.
Taco Bell with Grandma
Grandma took them out to lunch after a hard day of cleaning at home. The inside of the house and in the backyard.

Of course Half Price was a stop too!
Half Price
Joshua and Grandma
Grandson and Grandma
Caleb and Brent
Josh and Grandma
Josh found a Newsboys Cd.
I don’t know what setting Annette had the camera on but this one came out with a blue tint. Hopefully we can fix it because it’s a good one of them leaving Half Price.
Grandma picked up Josh from work and took the kids to Target.

Here’s Brent.
Both boys. Joshua is looking for a gift. Lance is no longer 10 years old.
Annette took the camera so she could play around with the settings.
Some close-ups.
I love this one of Grandma and the boys.
Jack-in-the Box after a day of 2nd hand shopping and volunteering at the Twenty-Five Cent Store.
Our goods.
And that is some of what the kids have been up to!

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  1. We don't have any Half Price Book stores in our area that I know of, but it looks like a store I would love :) Add in special times with Grandmas and you have a really special filled day of treasured up memories!


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