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More Fun Bargain Buys!

The kids, Grandma E, and I volunteered our time to help stock the shelves (we hung clothes) at the .25 Store. It was Senior Day.

Another volunteer thought it was great that kids where helping out and told us he’d buy us a box of books! We only had 15 minutes before the store opened so we had to look fast! Here are some of the books I found.
.25 Store Finds
I snagged another John Adams by David McCullough book. This one is a paper back.
Cliff Notes, I thought they might come in handy. Do you use Cliff Notes?
Cliff Notes
Little brown books.
Little Burgandy Books
We love these because they look old, hehe. Caleb already had a few so finding 5 more was fun.
Little Brown Books
And of course the boys found a Jason Bourne Dvd Winking smile
I thought that was very kind of the man to buy us a box of books. He was thankful that the kids volunteered and was happy with their work!

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