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Organizing School Supplies

School Supplies
I am having fun organizing our school supplies. I had all the rulers, pencils, boxes, etc. in one of the backpacks.
School Supplies
Now they all have a home and when the children need paper or a notebook they know where to go!

It is wonderful to organize something school related. I do need to clean off the shelves and pack books that we are not using. I just need to get motivated. I don’t like that everything will end up in the storage (black hole).
 School Supplies
I made a few orders too. Nothing major but it was nice to get something ordered.
I purchased Teaching Textbook Math 7 for Ethan and Shoelace Books Phonics 3 as review for Lance.

Hopefully soon I can order the rest of our books and write a “What we are Using” post. I have felt so out-of-the loop these past years with not having our stuff ready.

The last three years I’ve had our books straggle in little by little and ordering when I can.  I miss the days when we were able to order everything at once, look it all over, organize it, and plan.

Well enough of that. Soon I’d like to write a little bit about the phonics book I ordered from Shoelace Books.

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