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Review Schooling

I’ve been having fun reading the Orphan Train Adventures. I bought the first book A Family Apart August 4th and have been hooked ever since.
Orphan Train Adventure
There are two more books in the series that I haven’t purchased yet. The 4th book A Place to Belong had a sad ending to me. I won’t say why I thought it was sad but as always with heart wrenching storylines it kept me thinking ‘if it were me . . .” type thoughts.

Sometimes I get too much into a book or movie and will ponder for days about it.

As for school we are sort of all over the place with learning history. The kids are continuing to learn about Ancient Egypt using Home School in the Woods.
Home School in the Woods
Lance made a Cartouche and wrote his name using hieroglyphics!
It still has to dry and be painted. Hopefully it won’t get lost like the papyrus did!

The next stop we’ll learn about the Egyptian Calendar and Egyptian Numbers and Measures so stay tuned. Maybe tomorrow Homeschooling6 will get started on Stop 9.

Super Teacher Worksheets has inspired me to get my kids learning the states. Not that we haven’t in the past but I’ve never had the kiddos memorize the map (sad I know).

Super Teacher Worksheets has a blank map that we’ve been using. This is one of the great perks with having an account with Super Teacher. I love that everything is in one place. No searching the internet.
Super Teacher Worksheets
My MIL found Scrambled States of America the puzzle at the .25 Store. It had all the pieces too!
Super Teacher Worksheets
It was an easy puzzle but fun too.
Scrambled States of America
Scrambled States of America
Scrambled States of America
Scrambled States of America
I also included Netflix. Everyday we watch one episode of How the States Got Their Shapes.

Right now I’m having the two youngest kiddos take a break from regular schooling and we are using Super Teacher Worksheets for most subjects.
Super Teacher Worksheets
Super Teacher Worksheets is covering spelling, grammar, science, reading comprehension, and math.  Ethan and Caleb continue to complete a CTC Math lesson as well.
I was surprised that Lance had so much trouble with finding the sums. I thought he’d covered this already (embarrassing).

I went to his CTC Math account and found that he only completed 2 digit addition. Oh my!
I had him do the skipped lessons starting with three digit addition.
CTC Math
Super Teacher Worksheets
This week Lance is learning about abstract and concrete nouns.
Super Teacher Worksheets
Super Teacher Worksheets
Ethan is also using Super Teacher Worksheets but I’ll have to write about what he is learning another day. I haven’t taken any pictures other than the above reading comprehension sheets.
Heroes Of History
This week we also started our Unit Study from YWAM. We are learning about Douglas MacArthur:
The general began his honored army career by leading his fellow cadets at West Point and ultimately commanded all U.S. forces in Asia. Remembered especially for directing the fight against Japanese expansion during WWII and later governing the defeated Japanese people with grace and wisdom, General MacArthur won the respect of millions, both allies and enemies. (1880-1964).” <—from YWAM Website

Before starting the book about Douglas MacArthur I thought we’d read a few books that is recommended from the Unit Study Cd.

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