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Saying Goodbye is Hard

I know my boys will be back but it doesn’t make saying goodbye to them any easier. They will be gone for two months which means this mama won’t see her babies till October!

Josh and Brent where really excited to be going. Expected of course but it was still hard for me.

Too many cameras going off. I’m looking at one and him at another.

Grandma loves to shop for books at Half Price and for neat finds at the thrift store so she was really happy when she found out she’d have 4 more suitcases to use. Yes, she stuffed them so good we thought they would burst.

Now I have to tell one story because it’s a memory worth remembering for many laughs. Of course it won’t sound as funny  because I’m not good at setting the scene in my writing.

At the house we were weighing the luggage to make sure they weren’t over 50lbs. One was at 56lbs. We opened it up and found some books that Grandma could leave behind to be mailed latter.

Instead of her books she wanted Josh to leave his Bible. His Bible that he loves. It’s a thick leather bound Bible that he saved up for and ordered from Christian Books. It probably weighed a bit more than a Webster Dictionary.

There was no way I was going to let my son leave his beloved Bible behind. Grandma told him they have lots of Bibles at her house but my thinking was Josh needs his own. He can’t highlight, add notes, etc. to a Bible that isn’t his. He needed to take his own Bible. I insisted. Grandma mentioned that she had lots of Bibles at least 3 times but there was no way I was going to let her have her way on this one. Sorry Grandma. So the Bible went too.

And a side note. Grandma and I get along very well. She wasn’t being rude or anything but I figured most of the luggage was filled with her stuff and Joshua’s Bible is important to him. Later he gave me a hug and said, “Thank you mom”.
The boys took their carry-on bag plus a bag each for Grandma. The brown bag and the blue bag with a book sticking out were Grandma’s.

Other than his carry-on this was the only ‘luggage’ he was taking.

Brent only took a carry-on! It was a big Army bag but it was all he took.
Annette with her brothers.

Saying goodbye, sniff, sniff.

I saw my little photographer Annette getting the camera ready so I smiled.

Grandma and me :)

And with her son.

Brent leaving home for the first time. My little homebody is in California. I miss him.

I’m also happy for this great opportunity of being mentored by his Grandfather.

This is Joshua’s second trip out to California without mom or dad.

This time he is going to learn the metal trade, study God’s Word with his Grandfather, and be a big help around the house (Brent too).


  1. That is funny about Grandma!! They can be stubborn sometimes, but you gotta love them anyway!! I'm glad you won that "battle" ha-ha!

  2. Me too Megan. Josh was quiet but I knew he didn't want his Bible left behind.

  3. I'm so glad that Josh was able to take his Bible! I will be praying for you as I'm sure you will be missing them. ((hugs))

  4. Thank you! (((hugs)))) I've missed you :)


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