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Super Teacher Worksheet Fun

Last week my Super Teacher Worksheet account was set up and what fun I’ve been having ever since!
Super Teacher Worksheets
Reading comprehension and practice for Lance.
Super Teacher Worksheets Reading Comprehension
I’m going to have Lance work his way through the grammar worksheets.
Super Teacher Grammar
I’m excited about the Puzzles and Brain Teasers.
puzzles and brain teasers
I printed the Puzzles & Brain Teasers for both Ethan and Lance. I thought they could do them together.
Super Teacher Worksheets
I don’t remember if the Calculator Words was part of  the math section or brain teasers.
Super Teacher Worksheets
I thought the How Old Am I? would be fun and a good challenge!
Some grammar review for Ethan.
Super Teacher Worksheets
A spelling list for Ethan. I am starting with an easier list and we’ll work from there. Ethan hasn’t had a ‘real’ spelling program as of yet so this will be good for him. I like that there are different activities and it’s not him just writing words over and over.
Super Teacher Worksheets Spelling List
And some science reading for both boys.
I am also using the Social Studies: 50 States worksheets. Brent is flying out to California so I printed the 50 States worksheets for him to work on while out there along with other worksheets. I’ll write more about that later.

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