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Weird Blog Stuff

About 3 years ago I updated my blog look. For some weird reason all my post from LiveWriter didn’t like the update. All the Live Writer post look weird like this.
Weird Blog Stuff 1
Or like this:
Weird Blog Stuff
And many are review post!
Weird Blog Stuff 2
I have spent hours fixing these post. I have to manually fix one at a time.
Weird Blog Stuff 4
There are hundreds of these post. To this day I am still finding blog post that are like this. Just today I spent an hour going through my blog finding post. It’s page by page. When I find one I have to click the edit button, and go in to space the words correctly.

It’s a pain but must be done because these weird blog post from LW are hard to read and don’t look very nice.

I wonder how many more years I’ll be doing this.

On the up-side, its been fun seeing all my old post and pictures of the kids. I don’t have time to read them all but just seeing the kids and all we’ve done was fun!


  1. I'm sorry about your weird blog stuff. I'm glad that you are finding a few special moments as you go through them and correct them.

  2. Yes, a lot of work but it's fun seeing how much the kids have grown. Lots of great memories.


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