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Homechooling Using The Thinking Tree

Yesterday was our first day using Do-it-Yourself Homeschool curriculum Journals.
The Thinking Tree Journals
Before we start using our journals we all meet in the kitchen to get some pages done from the Dyslexia Games series. I’ll put some classical music (usually Mozart because that’s Caleb’s favorite).

Caleb and I are using Series C and when my 17 year old son Joshua and 14 year old Brent come home from California they too will start using Dyslexia Games.
Dyslexia Games Series C
Here is Caleb.
Dyslexia Games Series C
Dyslexia Games Series C
Lance is using Series B.
Dyslexia Games Series C
All you need to get started with using the journals are a stack of books from home or the library . . .
Homeschooling using The Thinking Tree
A fine tip black pen and lots of coloring pencils and/or crayons!
Homeschooling with Dyslexia Games
And have fun with it!

Here are some pages from Homeschooling Handbook for Mom from the Ideas for Fun & Learning Together page.
Handbook for Moms
We have a good time doing some Brain Food with each other. One of the books in the Dyslexia Games series is called Brain Food so we kinda call this time our Brain Food time.

The kids will ask, “Are we going to do our Brain Food today?”
Handbook for Moms
As you all know some of my favorite pages are the coloring ones. They are always fun.
Handbook for Moms
This page is from Mom’s Illustrated To-Do List. On this page I put Bible reading, poetry with Caleb, and of course I added that I love Lupe. With the hearts and roses, it just seem like a great place do put that I love my hubby! I used the petal of the flower to write what I wanted to pray.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Lance is using The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Here are a few pages from his journal.
The Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal
Ethan is using the Eclectic Learners Journal.
I didn’t get a picture of the books that Lance is using with his journal today. I’ll try to get one tomorrow or by the end of the week.

Here are Ethan’s books.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
I did choose a few like the cavity and bird book. Ethan continues to use Teaching Textbook Math 7 but will also use Bible Games: Math and Creativity when that workbook arrives.

Today he got to experience a little bit of The Thinking Tree way of doing math.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
He made a rocket ship.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
His Nature Study page. He drew the tree that is outside. The big cavity in the middle is where it’s hollowed out where lightening hit it.

Below is another page from Ethan’s journal: Start Your Day.
Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Homeschool Journal
I didn’t get too much of Caleb’s book today. He was working on his when I took the pictured but here he is with his brothers.
The Thinking Tree
They are getting ready to watch Odd Squad so they can complete their Screen Time page! 

I’m sure Caleb should be watching something geared more for his age but it’s our first week using the journals and I want it to be fun. Besides Caleb will go back to his regular schedule tomorrow for the rest of the week.
The Thinking Tree
Along with his regular school load tomorrow he will continue with completing Dyslexia Games worksheets.
The Thinking Tree
I didn’t share all 10 pages that the boys did like the current event page, reading time, and copywork/writing pages. I’ll share those some other time.

I also read from Eat Your U.S. History Homework.
Eat Your US History Homework
We didn’t make anything today but will tomorrow or Thursday (so stay tuned!).
And that was a day at Homeschooling6 using The Thinking Tree’s Do-it-Yourself Journals.

School Days at Homeschooling6

Yesterday I found Lance like this.

He fell asleep with the Tapple game.

Couldn’t pass up a good picture!
And on Date Night I scored some more good deals. All but the Duct Tape was on clearance.

The crayons: $.38 I only purchased them because they were Ancient Egypt colors. I already used them in my mama journal!
The cute Olaf binder went from $4.99 to $1.48.
The pencil bag was a $1.18
Glue stick was $1.99 to $0.58

The pencil bags are defective though, only two out of the three rings line up with the binder rings.
Yesterday we started using the Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journals. I think it went really well. I’ll post some pictures soon. The boys also do 3 pages of Dyslexia Games Level B, except for Caleb, he uses level C.

Library Score!

Yesterday I took the kids to the Library so they could find some books and start their Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journals.

And while I was there look what I found!

I am letting the boys pick out some of their books but I’m also guiding them some otherwise they’d pick books like Star Wars, Pokemon, and Pop Tropica which is a computer game that has books.

I found The Magic Tree House Study Guides and they look practically brand new!

I’m going to see if I can get Caleb to read Running Out of Time and Gay - Neck: A Story of a Pigeon.

Some of the books like What Hearts I’ll read first to see if it’s something I want the kids to read. I’ve seen that book at Half Price many times and have never liked the cover. At lease this cover looks nicer.

I love finding older book like this one.

The title is Wild Palomino by Stephen Holt & Decorations by W.C. Nims. Mine has a copyright of 1946.

I love the picture inside the cover. It’s beautiful!
Another treasure!

I don’t know why but I couldn’t leave this old book of Navy Songs.
Library Find
When I got home there were a few review packages waiting for me. One from the Critical Thinking CO.
Practical Critical Thinking
Practical Critical Thinking is for Caleb’s 9th grade year. This is a huge book! Caleb took a look at it and said, “It looks fun mom.” yay!

Practical Critical Thinking arrived in a funny package looking envelope. Caleb said, “What could be in that!”
Critical Thinking Co.
He made me laugh.
My homeschooling mom planner from Apologia arrived as well.
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner comes in three colors, orange, purple, and blue. I was thankful mine came in one of my favorite colors. Although orange is growing on me (wink)!

And that was my exciting, fun, book day!

Homeschooling Using The Thinking Tree

I started using my mama journal the same day it arrived.
The Thinking Tree
I grabbed my markers, colored pencils, and some of my old Stampin UP pens. I haven’t used those in years so I was glad they still worked!
Then I got right to coloring. It really is a great way to unwind from a busy day.
The Thinking Tree
My hubby even sat down and started helping me pick out colors!
Homeschooling Handbook Journal for Moms
I really enjoyed using my mama journal!
Homeschooling Handbook Journal for Moms
I wish my penmanship was nicer but maybe that will come in time. You never know!
Dyslexia Games Series C Book 1
I also continue to complete at least 3 pages of Dyslexia Games Series C. This page is from Book 1: IQ Challenge 2.
Dyslexia Games Series C Book 1
Lance and Ethan completed their first Dyslexia Games book as well. They were working through Series B-Book 1. Today Friday marks two weeks with using Dyslexia Games: Brain Food.
Dyslexia Games Level B
Here are a few pages of what Lance did today at the library.
Dyslexia Games Level B
I like how he is practicing to write smaller. I think he’s doing very well.
Dyslexia Games Level B
Look! His name has improved a little. His letters are not floating all over the place. I’m praying that by the time he completed Series B he will be writing neater and on the lines.
Dyslexia Games Level B
Here is Ethan completing some pages from yesterday. I had some Mozart playing softly in the background.
Dyslexia Games Level B
Some of Ethan's pages.
Dyslexia Games Level B
Dyslexia Games Level B
And y’all know how I like to take close-up pics of the kiddos hands!
Dyslexia Games Level B
Dyslexia Games Level B
Today we took a trip to the library so we can start using The Thinking Tree program on Monday.

Once my books come in Lance will use The Thinking Tree program as his core curriculum for this year. He will use: Multiplication Games 180 Days of Math, Art, and Logic Fun along with his regular math program Teach Your Child to Read, Write, & Spell: 100 Easy Bible Verses
Picturing the Past: Charlotte Mason Homeschooling – Study of Art & History
Lance will use the Hyper-Active Homeschool Journal daily.
I’m pulling back on his regular grammar and writing for now while he works his way through Dyslexia Games Series B.
Lance will continue to use Reading Kingdom since it doesn’t require any writing. I'm excited for Lance. I just know this is going to help him with his reading and writing.
Once I have everything in front of me I’ll write in more detail how we are incorporating The Thinking Tree curriculum into our homeschool.
I’ll also be sharing Ethan’s school as well.
Until then this mama is going to do a few more pages of her homeschooling mama journal!
The Thinking Tree