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A Simply Language Arts Review

Simply Language Arts by SHOELACE BOOKS is what Lance has been using and I am really impressed with it.
Shoelace Books Review
3A covers the first half of the year. There are 15 lessons. Each lesson has a weeks worth of work which covers:
  • Picture Studies
  • Poetry
  • Writing: toward the end of the first semester book your child will be introduced to note taking, writing and planning a rough draft, and editing
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
Each week your child will copy a passage daily or as referred in the program a Model. It’s the same model each day. Copywork may be a Bible verse, poetry, or days of the week.
Simply Language Arts
Your child will interact with the passage of the week. For instance the child will underline the capital letters on the Copywork Model or be asked to find all the commas. Sometimes the child will copy the Model in all caps or by syllables.

The lessons consist of 5 days of work. Here is a sample of what your child will accomplish in a week using Simply Language Arts 3-A:

Lesson 6: Poetry, Rhyming, Singular & Plural
Copywork for this lesson is a poem

~Day 1: Underline the three rhyming words in the poem, write the ending sounds of the rhyming words, do copywork in syl-la-bles.
~Day 2: learn a spelling rule, and mark all the vowels and circle all the rules or blends on the Copywork Model.
~Day 3: learn singular & plural rule (adding s), underline the root words, circle the suffixes in the list of words provided, underline capital letters, circle punctuations marks on the Copywork Model, do copwork.
~Day 4: go back to the previous days list and add put an “S” or “P” next to the word indicating if it’s singular or plural, do copywork.
~Day 5: write copywork from dictation

Everyday the child can check off his/her work. I love that Simply Language Arts 3A provides lines for the child to check off. I think this gives the child a sense of accomplishment.
Every other lesson there is a picture study and a short Bible story. Lance really enjoys these and so do I because we get a little Bible study in. I love how Lance will ask questions about the Bible topic and sometimes about the picture.
How we used Simply Language Arts A-3:

I used this with Lance. I am so glad that we are adding copywork back into our homeschool days. Lance really needs the practice.

The word searches, cross word puzzles, and word scramble added some fun for Lance. He enjoyed the day when those activities were assigned. He enjoyed the word scramble the most!

The five day a week schedule worked well for Lance but if you are a 4 day a week homeschooler that’s okay because you can always use Day 4 for dictation.

The vocabulary words were a bit easy for Lance but he is older. The target age for Simply Language Arts A-3 is 3rd grade. Lance has difficulty with writing and he hasn’t had a whole lot of grammar and spelling so I wanted to start at the beginning with him.

Final thoughts: One of the many things I appreciated was the copywork font was a good size. Many times copywork passages have a font that is too small for Lance. So the font size was a plus with using Simply LA.
Simply Language Arts
I absolutely love that many of the passages are Bible verses. The different activities did a wonderful job with changing things up. In lesson 7 the child is to write Genesis 6:8 in alphabetical order. In another lesson Lance copied words from his Model onto index cards and put those in alphabetical order.

Each Simply Language Arts book only cost $10! To place an order you simply need to send payment through paypal to Laurie’s (the author and owner of SHOELACE BOOKS) address which is provided on her site with the what Simply Language Arts level you’d like.
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  1. I'm glad that Shoelace Books has resurfaced. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I just bought Simply Phonics for my 5 year old to try. We worked through a few pages yesterday, and I think it's going to work well for him. I do love the simplicity of the program, and the fonts, as well!!

  3. Megan, how fun! I do hope it works out.