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Box Day 2015/2016

Lupe took the kids Friday evening, Saturday from morning till 5:30 and Sunday. What did I do? Unpack school books of course!
Box Day
Joshua’s and the younger kiddos stuff came. Two boxes from CBD.
I had fun oohing and awing and looking through through the teacher guides.

The Christian Light book holders that I purchased over 7 years ago come in so handy. As you can see they are housing Joshua’s books with old labels.

Ethan and Lance school. Together they’ll complete Bible, grammar, science, and history. Ethan will use All Things Fun & Fascinating while Lance will use Bible Heroes from IEW.
Box Day
It was a fun weekend. I did get a lot of cleaning done as well.
Look at the timeline the two youngest will be using!


  1. .... I'm another mama that loves "box day", too!

  2. This looks promising and exciting! Are you still using HOD at all for high school? I would love to read some reviews on it, as we're looking at a possible switch next year. ;-)

  3. Jackie, yes with Annette. My boys had a hard time with the layout of HOD. Not sure why because Annette and I think it's easy to navigate. But for my boys it was overwhelming.

    Josh is using a lot of ACE PACEs, Annette is sticking with HOD (she's on her 4th year with HOD), and I'm still trying to decide with Caleb :/

    I do need to start blogging more about HOD High School Guides. They are so wonderful. I love all the in depth learning, it's great. Wish all my children were using it.


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