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Different Kind of Box Day

I was surprised to see Caleb carrying 3 packages Thursday. I thought to myself, what did I order? I am waiting for a Master Books order but none of the boxes were from MB.
Phonetic Zoo
Then I saw one was from IEW, oh yeah, The Phonetic Zoo, wahoo! I can’t wait to get started with having Caleb and Lance use it. I’m sure they are not as excited as I am.
Hebrews An Anchor for the Soul
Hebrews An Anchor for the Soul is a book I won. I can’t wait to dig into and read it!

The last box had our month supply of beans and rice. With me purchasing our curricula and all, well, it looks like beans and rice for a while haha.
Amazon Order
I did get organic rice. I ordered both items from Amazon. The Bob’s Red Mill is suppose to be non GMO, at least that’s what the website said but I am not seeing the Non GMO logo anywhere.

I didn’t get a picture of the Raw Cacao Powder and Cacao Nibs. Annette uses those two products in her morning smoothie.

And that my friends was an exciting box day. Tomorrow (which is today by the time this post goes live) my Master Books order should be here.


  1. Cute beans & rice comment! I think we might be joining you on that thought. Curriculum is so expensive.


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