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Dyslexia Games

My boys and I just started using Dyslexia Games. I have never had my boys tested but I do suspect some form of dyslexia so I thought I’d give this program a try. With the boys I am starting with level B.

I chose level B because Lance has difficulty with writing letters and reading. Level B looked like a good place to start him. Ethan probably should really start with Level C but for now I’ll have him use B along with Lance.
Dyslexia Games
I'm happy to report we are all now using black pens! :)

Today we completed three pages. I had the kids sit with me and we did it together. The kiddos actually did better than I did!

I was duplicating the picture and twice (on two of mine) I forgot to add the hill.
Dyslexia Games
The instructions say to use a fine tip black pen. I only had a few of those (weird, I know) so I gave the pens to the boys and I used a pencil (thankfully).
Dyslexia Games
Ethan’s work above. Lance thought the boy in the picture looked freaky. That’s a well used word with Lance. Everything is "freaky" these days (sigh).
The Thinking Tree
I goofed! Ethan pointed it out, embarrassing (smile-wink). I was using a pen on this one.

What we are doing is drawing the missing parts of the picture. This is exercising our right side of the brain.

Dyslexia runs in our family. One of my parents is dyslexic, I think I have a mild form of dyslexia (I’ve not been tested), and my boys show some signs of dyslexia.
The Thinking Tree
I’m so thankful to have found Sarah’s site. I believe my boys will really benefit from this program. In fact anyone wanting to exercise their right side of the brain will benefit with using dyslexia games. You don’t have to be dyslexic to take advantage of this unique program!
Dyslexia Games Series B
As we use the program I’ll blog about our progress.

Fun fact: Sarah the author of Dyslexia Games is a homeschooling mom of 10!

Update: We are all now using black pens. We found that the Pilot G2 Retractable Pens work well.

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