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Getting Ready for the SAT Test (Yikes)

Annette is starting College Prep Genius this week so Saturday she took her first practice SAT test.

It was recommended that she take a practice or pre-SAT test before starting the course this way she can really get an idea of where she is at and how she improves.
Preparing for SAT
Right away I purchased the Official SAT Study Guide 2nd Edition from Amazon. I wasn’t sure if she should read the first half of the SAT Study Guide or not. We chose not to with the exception of reading some of the pages about the essay.

Both Annette and I thought it would be best to just take it without preparing to see her really, really, raw score.

Lupe cleared off his desk in our bedroom, Annette was ready with her sharpened pencil and cheap $1.00 calculator, and I armed with a timer, and she was ready.
We tried to have her start as close to when a real SAT test would be taken. Because of life (watching an adorable 2 year old) we started at 9:00 A.M.

I set the timer and about 5 minutes before the timer went off I’d peek in the room and let her know.
During the testing I could tell she found it a bit tougher than she thought it would be. I think it was a humbling experience for her.

Annette’s strong areas in school is writing, logic, and reading comprehension. Her weaker area is math. Right now she is finishing up Math-U-See Pre-Algebra.

About 1:00 P.M. she was done. She did very well. She scored a little below average which I thought was great considering she didn’t ‘prepare’ herself for the test.

Before she took the test I did tell her that no matter what the score this is a test so we can see how she improves after completing College Prep Genius. It’s not test to see how smart she is.

I really wanted to encourage her and communicate to her that whatever the score it’s okay.
I would have loved to have taken a picture of her while taking the test but she was a bit stressed and didn’t want me too.

I wanted to diffuse Peace & Calming essential oil but didn’t. I thought it was best to keep the environment as close to how it would be taking the SAT. Later I thought she could put some Peace & Calming on her wrist as a perfume so that is what we’ll do next time.

Some essential oils that we may use: Peace & Calming, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, basil, cypress, and citrus fresh are a few that I’m thinking would be good for testing. Not that I’d have her wear a lot, only enough for her to smell so she doesn’t distract others or is turned away from taking the SAT Test because she smells like basil!

I found this Homework Blend recipe at Eden Essentials website.

What oils would you all suggest?


  1. Oooh, this makes me nervous! My oldest i s only in the 7th grade, but all of this is going to come up on us sooner than we realize!

  2. Megan it does. Our babies grow up so fast!!!


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