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Homeschooling Day at Homeschooling6

We completed another Home School in the Woods Project Passport Stop.
Home School in the Woods
At Stop 17 we focused on A Land Divided. We are no longer adding to The Kemet Chronicle, the newspaper. My kids really dislike writing and had a hard time with it. I didn’t have the patience.
Home School in the Woods
We read about the Egyptian Weapons and Warfare and made a notebook page with little ‘books’.
Home School in the Woods
Ethan completing his map work.
Home School in the Woods
Caleb completing his.
Home School in the Woods
Caleb has a pretty full load right now so I am ready for us to end our Egyptian study but I want us to finish it too. Once we are done I plan to use Home School in the Woods Old Testament Activity-Pak but on Fridays.
A picture of Caleb working on his map.
Project Passport Ancient Egypt
The reading for this Stop we learned about A Land Divided, The Second Intermediate Period, Foreigners Invade Egypt, The Hyksos Pharaohs, and The End of the Hyksos.
Project Passport Ancient Egypt
While I read I have the completed timeline lying open on the table where we can all see it. So instead of us adding the timeline figures as we go, we completed this at the beginning of the study. I have found by having it complete and ready to use I can point to the time that I’m reading.

For example in today’s reading was about different Dynasties. When I read about the 13 Dynasty I would point to that timeline figure, then when we jumped to the 16th Dynasty, I’d point to that one and show the kids how far apart from one Dynasty to the other.

I was reading about the Second Intermediate period and Middle Kingdom Pharaohs and this and that Dynasty, well it can get pretty confusing, so having the timeline helps our brains here at Homeschooling6 to see and understand what was happening when. Whew! That was a long-winded sentence!
And in case you’re wondering where is Lance’s work, he complains so much about how hard it is. He is usually sulking. I do have him complete his work but it’s usually a few hours later.

Caleb and Ethan are my review helpers for Phonetic Zoo. Today was their second day using it.
Phonetic Zoo
Yesterday they both missed about 3 words. Today they both got a 100%. Tomorrow they will take the Lesson 1 test again. If they don’t miss any tomorrow then they can move onto Lesson 2. If they miss just one word they will stay stick with Lesson 1.

Everyday we go over the jingle and I have a copy of the words on my desk (that’s in the kitchen) so I’ll call out a word throughout the day and have them spell it.

Here is what my table looks (ed) like today. If you were to visit right at this very moment (3:53 P.M.) this is what you’d see.

A DS that Ethan bought off of Ebay, LEGOs in a pencil box container, Brookdale House copywork, Teaching Textbook 7 Cds, PACEs, IEW Bible that we didn’t do (yet), and that is not a tissue paper roll but a paper towel roll that we cut in half to stretch the budget.

Caleb, Brent, Ethan, and Lance all saved up for a DSI (I think that’s what those hand-held game things are called). Each bought them from Ebay. I’ll have to take some pictures. Caleb paid about $75 for his. It came with 6 games I think.

The rest of the boys paid between $33-$41 dollars with shipping. All came with at least one game.

Caleb and Josh both saved up for a laptop. I do wish I could buy each of my high school kiddos a laptop. I feel bad that they have to buy their own. Annette is saving for one right now.

And that’s another day at Homeschooling6!


  1. My girls prefer to write shorter bits at a time, too. But, what did help, was allowing them to type out their answers and then print them. They enjoyed the challenge and had some fun with fonts. I saw the progression because they quickly learned that typed out answers were super short and thus they had to elaborate and write more.

    ((hugs)) to Lance. Some days are harder than others.

  2. Great idea to cut paper towel rolls in half! My kids tend to use way more than necessary, so we may try this!

  3. My kids do too! I love that they are not wasting anymore. All you need is a sharp knife, a cutting board, and your paper towel roll :)