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In Between Junior High & High School

Right now Caleb is between grades. He hasn’t quite finished his 8th grader year. Before starting My Father’s World: Ancient History & Literature I want him to get a bit writing practice, improve his reading, and ease into more hours of schooling per day.

Here what Caleb is using right now. Eventually (probably in January) he’ll start a full load for high school and we’ll drop some things like U.S. History Detective and Cover Story.
Homeschooling6 Curricula
To make sure Caleb has a strong foundation for Algebra I decided to start him in using Teaching Textbook Pre-Algebra.
Teaching Textbook Pre Algebra
He is to do an hour a day of math. He starts by watching a few videos of Stinky Kid Math than a TT lesson. If he completes a lesson before the hour is up than he does another lesson. Our goal is to have him do two Teaching Textbook lessons a day.
Visual Latin
Today, Monday the 21st he started his first lesson of Latin. I’m so excited for him. He has been wanting to learn Latin for a few years now.

I purchased the DVDs and to the streaming. This way he can use his own laptop which he purchased all on his own a few months ago by saving, saving, saving.
Visual Latin
In order to give him credit for the Latin course I bought him Lingva Latina book and a nice hardback dictionary. We have a Latin dictionary but I now how Caleb likes hardback books and this one will give him that grown-up mature feel. I want him to be excited about Latin. Besides he loves dictionaries and practically collects them!
U.S. History Detective
He spends another hour completing U.S. History Detective. I told Caleb to expect each lesson to take him an hour. This includes reading, answering the question, and writing. He struggles some with reading but is improving. Every other day I have him read the history selection to me.

I found that by letting Caleb know going into his studies what to expect time wise with each subject it has helped him understand that he doesn’t need to rush through his studies. He knows about how long he should take per subject.
U.S. History Detective
Before now Caleb probably averaged 4 hours of school. For the past month or so I have been adding hours and subjects to his school load. Now he is up to 6 hours.

Another thing that has helped Caleb is writing down all his work in a notebook. Every day I write what he has to do. I know he’s old enough to do this but with me writing out his schedule it keeps me on track with making sure he’s completing his work and it’s just one less thing for Caleb.
Phonetic Zoo
I downloaded or streamed (not sure of the lingo here) Phonetic Zoo Level A on his computer. I love that he has his own computer. It makes doing some of this online school so much easier.

Now he puts his headset on, grabs his composition book, finds a comfortable spot for him and his laptop, and does this on his own. I check it at the end of the day to see how he did. When he gets 100% twice I’ll go over the next lesson with him and he’ll continue independently after we do the lesson together first.
Cover Story
Caleb should be almost done with this program but he’s not. Too many days went by when he just didn’t get to it. I take part of the blame for this because has his mom I should have been checking with him daily and I wasn’t.

Now, I write it down in his notebook. I check it in the evening. I ask if he wrote in the Remarkable Journal which he’s suppose to write in daily. Our goal is 4 lessons per week (I’d much rather it be 5 since he got behind).

Other subjects that Caleb is completing:
Illuminating Literature
Progeny Press Poetry
The Thinking Tree: Dyslexia Games Series C
Grammar <---once the review period is over for this I will cut the grammar portion out since Visual Latin covers grammar and only have Caleb do the writing exercises.
Spelling You See

And once Practical Critical Thinking arrives in the mail he’ll start that too. Looking at Caleb's line-up, most of his school is review items. What a blessing.

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