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Koru Naturals Photo Shoot

As a reviewer you are not only a product user you are at times a model (haha), a photographer, an investigator or researcher (you need to know the product you’re reviewing), and writer!

As a photographer you need to get that perfect picture when the light is just right and when the product is still new looking because you’re going to need an image for the review.

Today I received my Koru Naturals products and like any happy and excited review I’m ready to tear open the soap package and use it tonight! Once I open and use the soap it won’t be looking so pretty. And that means I need to take pictures today!!!

Thankfully the sun was cooperating but of course for a limited time only.

It was hot outside so sometimes a photo shoot just needs to be a bit goofy!
Koru Naturals Photo Shoot
This is what happens when you are waiting for your photographer daughter get the settings on the camera right. Especially when it’s HOT outside and are starting to sweat.

The whole purpose of me being in the picture is to show how big the Manuka Honey Propolis Soap and the Skin Clear Cream is.
Happy Friday!

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