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School Days at Homeschooling6

Yesterday I found Lance like this.

He fell asleep with the Tapple game.

Couldn’t pass up a good picture!
And on Date Night I scored some more good deals. All but the Duct Tape was on clearance.

The crayons: $.38 I only purchased them because they were Ancient Egypt colors. I already used them in my mama journal!
The cute Olaf binder went from $4.99 to $1.48.
The pencil bag was a $1.18
Glue stick was $1.99 to $0.58

The pencil bags are defective though, only two out of the three rings line up with the binder rings.
Yesterday we started using the Do-it-Yourself Homeschooling Journals. I think it went really well. I’ll post some pictures soon. The boys also do 3 pages of Dyslexia Games Level B, except for Caleb, he uses level C.

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